An Incubus For The Kings

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Dark Mage


Paltmin was born a human and grew up as such. His life was mundane, and he was happy with his simple existence. However, all that seemed to come to a crash when he was taken to the palace to serve the kings of the kingdom. And that was when his problem began. Paltmin's body underwent a sudden change the first time he met the werewolf Alpha, and that was the start of his erotic adventures. Note: This book is a reverse harem, meaning the main character has multiple partners. ** Just hop on for the ride. I promise it will be an unforgettable, seductive journey.

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The selection

“Let's go, Paltmin!” Grog called out to me, with a radiant smile on his face. His long red hair bounced as he raced to meet me.

“What are you so cheerful about?” I frown at my best friend of eighteen years.

Grog and I grew up together because our parents were friends. And when my parents died, his family took me in as one of their own.

I've been leaving with them for the past ten years. And I loved every moment of it.

His people never allowed me to think of my parents, not even for once.

“Why are you acting like a sore sport, Paltmin? Today is the selection!”

Today is our first time appearing in the selection since he turned eighteen a few months ago.

“And what do you want me to do?” I frown at him. “if there's a way for me to escape the damn selection, I will do that.”

Who wants to go to a palace to serve the kings of the kingdom?

Not me, I assure you.

I prefer the life I'm leaving now. I want nothing else. I'm just satisfied, that's all.

“What are you talking about?” Grog looked shocked, “everyone is excited about this—”

“I'm not everyone, Grog. I don't think I can do anything for the kings should I be chosen. You are a vampire. Of course, you know your way with things. But—”

“Father said you are a late bloomer, Paltmin. Who knows, you might only need a push in the right direction.”

“Still, I don't wish to go to the selection.” I sighed as I ran my hand through my semi-short black hair.

“Come on, let's just go. It's not even compulsory that you will be picked. Only ten young men are selected each year.”

“Yet, I still don't wish to go.”

I see nothing with the rules of the Kingdom.

“Let's go! Who knows, I might be singled out!” Grog's green eyes sparkled as he exclaimed. He locked his arm with mine and started leading me towards the square.

“I know you want that,” I roll my eyes at him.

“Who doesn't?” He pursed his lips. “I will wish for nothing but to be singled out.”

And I will wish you never get to be selected. This way, you will stay with me forever.

Ever since Grog was little, it has been his dream to serve the kings of Balzemom. He never ceases to speak of the kings of the Kingdom.

Balzemom isn't an ordinary kingdom. It has five villages, and each of the villages has its species and king.

The Kingdom is made of five species: demons, vampires, dragons, werewolves, and fairies.

And each of the species has a king who lives in the magnificent palace in the mountain.

Every year, ten youths are selected as guards for the kings. That's two from each species.

However, since I was born, I've never shown signs of what specie I fell into.

My parents are mixed, so there's no telling if I'm a werewolf, vampire or both.

My hair doesn't make matters easier for me.

Instead of the white wolves or the red of vampires, I have black hair!


At the square, there were over three thousand people present from the choosing.

Everyone was standing according to their species, and there was a large box in front of the judges, who seemed more excited than the youths.

“Good morning!” Grog greeted his fellow vampires.

“Morning.” They smiled at him, and before long, they were engaged in a conversation, expertly leaving me out.

It's not their fault, actually. I'm the one who's not comfortable conversing with others that are not Grog and his family.

“Attention everyone!” The judge of the year, who happened to be a werewolf, shouted.

The man was large and gruff. His muscles alone were enough to Garner respect from those around him.

His blue eyes scanned the crowd that has grown silent. And when he saw that everyone's attention was on him, he nodded his head with a smirk on his face.

“We are gathered here for the annual picking.” He paused to let his comments sink deep into us.

“These boxes here,” he pointed at the white boxes in front of us. “They each contain your names. And as do each year, I will randomly pick two names from the boxes. The lucky individuals will be taken to the palace immediately!”

The youths cheered at his speeches, while I scoffed.

From my peripheral, I can see the parents gathered to our right as they anxiously await the call.

“Stop looking, you won't see mom. Let's just listen to them as they announce the names, okay?” Grog smiled as he turned my attention from the parents to the werewolf, who was now standing in front of the fairies.

Each of the fairies, with their odd blue hair and golden eyes, seemed like they were almost floating from nerves, as he picked two folded papers from the box in front of them.

“Lizarin et ven And Vondalamin et Len” A gasp from the crowd was heard before two fairies strode out from the crowd.

The two fairies were so handsome, they put the other fairies to shame. With their glittering hair and mesmerizing eyes, they looked like beings from the skies.

From the fairies' side, I noticed two females who were secretly weeping as the men walked up to the raised dais.

Oh my, their girlfriends are grieving.

And I felt sorry for them.

They won't get to see their boyfriends until their 20th birthday. That's when they will be released from the palace.

While the girls were mourning, the fairies who didn't hear their names, had tears in their eyes.

They made it seem as if it was the end of the world.

But for me?

I'm fine with it.

I just want nothing to do with the Palace. I want to live my life the way I've lived for the past eighteen years.

"He's coming to our side!” Grog sounded anxious as the werewolf came to a stop in front of us.