Alpha's lust

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Nancy Morton


It was an another Saturday night, the clubs were raving with loud music, life was normal until they united again after months, ready to flip their worlds upside down once again. Daisy, a social freak. For her social media likes matter more than real life affection. In short she is a a spoilt brat of a rich dad. Her profile was filled with likes and followers as soon as she engaged Alex. Alex, a handsome, rich lad. He loves traveling. His lonely life was spiced up when he met Sasha. He didn’t realized when she became the most important person in her life. Sasha, a hardworking, simple girl. Who had been working her bones out since a very young age. She works in a restaurant and for her, his parents matters the most, until she met Alex, her friend, roomie and love. She can’t imagine her life without Alex. But she fell apart as soon as she learnt Alex got engaged to Daisy. What will happen when these three lives will collide together? Will they be able to heal each other or break each other?


Chapter one

I quickened my steps as I constantly walked as I brushed off the trees beside me. I didn't know where I was heading, but I was afraid, very afraid!

It all started this morning.

My name was Bella Roberts, currently employed as a waitress. I was pleasantly getting my hair done before the mirror inside my apartment. That was when I heard someone's footsteps right outside my house. They stopped and I could hear murmur voices.

I didn't think twice and went to open the door when I heard a familiar voice.

Wait, don't break the door. I have a spare key.

That voice couldn't be more familiar to me. I was so shocked that the comb in my hand fell on the ground with a thud and made a loud noise, making the people outside alert.

She knows I'm here. That male voice suddenly uttered those words with a hint of amusement.

But I wasn't in a mood to enjoy it because I was shivering all over!

This man, this man was the reason behind all of my nightmares these days! I couldn't believe I had dated this psychopath for a year! He was nothing but an abuser!

No, he never loved me or cared for me, just continued to become overly obsessed with me. So much so that he would not even leave me alone while I'm taking a piss! Who does that!

He had controlled the number of times I would breath, and this freak even wouldn't let me speak to others.

At first, I had followed his commands naively thinking that this guy was just jealous. But who would've thought that his craziness would suddenly reach another level, and he would install hidden cameras all around my apartment and my workplace!

I only found it accidentally when a newbie worker at the restaurant where I work as a waitress pointed it out. Such an action sent chills down my spine! After that, I began to have my guard up against that person.

Things went only worse, and despite having an introvert attitude, I still managed to have verbal fights with him almost every night.

After that, I simply packed my stuff to get away from this psychopath who even liked to control the number of times I blink my eyes and breathe! But now when it had been a week filled with freedom from such a suffocating relationship, that man was back again to wreak havoc in my life!

I couldn't help but tremble and stumbled my way toward the bathroom and opened the window. Thankfully, I was a werewolf, otherwise, it would've been difficult to climb down from the third floor.

I couldn't even take a single luggage with me, and hurriedly ran away. I ran for hours until I stumbled right before this big iron gate. There was a banner on the top saying, 'The Mating Ritual.'

I was stunned.

This mating ritual is held every year in one of the four packs. This year, it was Eastern Pack's turn.

As I neared the venue that was in the middle of a forest, I could see many werewolf children being dragged toward the gate as their parents held them in their embrace, gently tucking inside quilts.

If I wasn't in a hurry at this time, I would've stopped to stare at these little cuties. But damn! My legs were already hurting from running for so long!

I knew my ex boyfriend and his people were following me. So I just glanced back, and heard footsteps. Even heard voices of chitchatting.

This fcking girl couldn't stay still! Took me a lot of time to find her, but guess where she was In her hometown! I could hear my ex's voice getting sharper with each word he spoke, making me tremble all over again. Let me catch her this time! I'll make sure she won't even be able to see the sunrise!

Calm down brother, she might have just wanted to see a friend The person accompanying my ex just made it even worse.

You seriously believe that whore could stay away from other men The man sneered. I don't even know how many people she's been seducing every time she goes to her work!

My eyes turned red at that as my throat choked up with emotions. I had given him my life, and had already decided to get married to him as soon as I turned eighteen. Now when I had turned eighteen just today, I didn't want to follow my original plan because of my ex's behavior. But this situation made me really emotional.

I was faithful to me ex, yet he doubted me, and even said such words with utter confidence. I felt stuffed in my chest so much so that it was hard to breathe.

In the end, I couldn't stand it. I ran across the road and entered the mating ritual camp.

I was dead tired. My arms trembled as I forced myself to walk past the families. The mating ritual would be held and many people from all four major werewolf packs would come gather here every once in a year.

I instantly wiped my forehead from the corner of my sleeves and shrank my small body between the girls gathered, squealing and talking nonstop.

I knew the men entered the camp after me, and were likely to search every nook and corner of this place. Frightened, I glanced back only to see a familiar person I dreaded to see.

It was my psychopath ex boyfriend!

His red eyes scanned the group of people in front of him as he pushed back his shoulder length brown hair, revealing his oval shaped face. There was a cut across his right cheek that made him look even more ferocious. But he wasn't looking at me this time.

Sooner or later, he would find me here. I gulped and hurriedly pushed out a few girls off of my way and ran away.

The girls cursed at me, but I didn't care. I wanted to run away!

I didn't even see where I came in a hurry! I was already scrambling my exhausted body toward a marquee, and leaned against the wall as a familiar voice echoed outside the door. Where did she go

Boss, let's search this marquee.

My breath almost stopped at this. I covered my mouth with my trembled hands and curled up against the wall, frightened like a leaf. I had expected this person to dash inside without restraint, but contrary to my expectations, my ex boyfriend refused.

Do you know who owns this marquee! I heard my ex hitting his own follower. I'll be dead if I even think about entering this place without permission!

Who's The man asked in confusion.

Alpha Aiden Davis!

At this moment, I felt like the ground beneath me had suddenly become hollow and felt itself sinking deeper in the sea of horrific situations. Did I eat something I shouldn't have today Did I offend the almighty God! Then why would I find myself inside the marquee of another psychopath!

Yes, Aiden Davis was famous for being ruthless, especially because of his past. He had killed his mother, the previous Luna, and took over the Endoro pack at such a young age!

And what to speak of his infamous anger attacks When someone made him angry, he wouldn't think twice before hitting that person to death!

Such a person was even more dangerous than my control freak ex boyfriend!

Why was I so unlucky today! I wanted to cry, and momentarily thought for a moment before I decided to head out. I didn't want to deal with another psychopath today! It was better to face my ex boyfriend than to deal with a murderer!

And I instantly headed out only to crash into someone's sturdy chest. I backed up immediately and rubbed my forehead. I'm sorry!

After apologising, I was just about to move away when that person caught my wrist and forcefully turned me around. That was when I noticed who it was.

His blue eyes squinted when he stared at me. Shoulder long brown hair fell on his face as his free hand caressed his beard beneath his chin. He was so tall that I could reach his shoulders! There was a smile on his lips almost as if he had seen something interesting.

My face went pale after seeing his face. With my widened eyes, I opened my mouth wide. This was too shocking! Who didn't know who this person was! This guy's pictures were all over the werewolf magazine, making him famous as a cold bachelor of this year! It was Aiden!