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Jayla Jacobs is a high school student with average scores, she's the quiet kid and doesn't have any friends since everyone thinks of her as the freak of the school. Max Black is the new popular guy who is arrogant and selfish but little did they know that the popular boy is hiding a dark, mysterious secret that Jayla is determined to pierce his secret.

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1/ New kids



The sun is glistening underneath her eyes, she blinked twice and opened her eyes slowly, she yawned and rubbed her eyes. She looked at her window fully opened, she sat up and stretched her limbs. She gets up while scratching her hair looking like a birds nest. She opened the door of her room and walked to her bathroom where she took a quick shower and get ready for the day.

"Jay, mom said to be ready or else she will not drop you at school." Her brother, Darby said with amusement. Jayla cursed and hurried to take her backpack and all of her things that she needs for school. She rushed downstairs and ignoring her father smirked who is looking at her daughter.

Jayla took an apple and her water bottle then put her shoes on, she kissed her father cheek and left the house in a hurry, she struggled to put her backpack on her shoulder as she sprinted toward her mom car, she slammed the door opened of her mum car and sighed in relief.

"Finally, I was wondering where you were." Her mother said with a calm smile, her mom was wearing her working outfit.

"I was getting myself ready." Her mother Karen stared at her suspiciously and then shrugged, she supposed that it must be her teenage rebel period. Jayla put an earpods on her hear and listened to her music while contemplating the view on the window.

Raven was a small city where they lived, her father worked as an accountant while her mother is a nurse, they both don't have time for their children, Jayla and Darby. Darby is a senior in college, he is majoring in finance. The younger member of the family didn't know what to do, she was going to be a sophomore in her high school. She had her mindset on being a detective, her passion for solving mysteries made her what she was today.

They reached the school in fifteen minutes, but for her, it was taking hours, she couldn't wait but to finish her day and go back home to watch criminal minds.

"Have a good day, honey." Her mother and pecked Jayla's cheek, her red lipstick was on her cheek, Jayla cringed in disgust and wiped her mom kiss.

"I'm not five anymore." She snapped and got out of the car, she tugged the strap of her backpack nervously and walked in her school, her school was small and fake. There is only 500 students and all of them are fake bitches, the 'popular group' like to bully nerds and the others are mostly likely to stay out of this and ignore. There are student who are already in groups, the musicals people, artists, geek etc.

Just like cliché movies.

She sighed and shook her head, she gets inside of her school after showing her identity to the guard. She gulped anxiously and opened her locker who was still the same, she picked her books for today class which is Math, her least favourite class. She closed the locker and let out a scream, she held her poor heart and breathed heavily.

"Hey Jayla, what do we today?" Her annoying classmate, not friend, was talking to her, she glared at him.

"What are you doing here Nolan?" She asked as she crossed her arm.

"I wanted to talk to you." He poked her arm with a grin, she shrugged him off and glared at him.

"More like bugging me." She muttered.

"Excuse me what?" Nolan asked and she shook her head.

"Nothing, now if you excuse me I have places to go." She said while licking her chapped lips, one of her tick when she's anxious.

"Don't be cold Jay, we are friends." He grinned and linked his arms with Jayla much to her displeasure, she rolled her eyes and but still complied.

Nolan Hayes was your typical hot soccer boy, he had brown hair and emerald eyes that girls envied. She didn't understand why he was hanging out with her? He belonged to the popular group while she was nobody.

"I heard new students are coming to this school." Nolan squealed and Jayla furrowed her eyebrows.

New students? She wasn't aware of this new information. Raven was known for being a small city, how comes they are new people here? She knew everyone even the mayor who knew her personally.

"Why here?" She whispered but Nolan heard it.

"I have no idea." He said and they have reached their class together, Nolan sat next to Jayla behind, she was beside the window while Nolan kept talking, she didn't care about him but the weather showing today. It was grey and cloudy. The usual weather here in Raven.

She noticed her teacher coming inside of the classroom, everyone was now quiet, only the shuffling noise and wind were heard.

"I hope you guys had a great week-end, today we have three students that are new, please make them feel welcomed." He said and pointed the door where two boys and a girl get inside, the room started to get tensed, it was like those people were walking with such an aura that made them powerful. The girl was wearing a sundress and a cardigan, she had this big smile on face and was gorgeous too, grey eyes and blond hair, the boy was wearing brown pants and white shirt, hazel eyes and brown hair, he was also beautiful and had a big grin on his face just like the girl and lastly the more attractive boy than the two others that had got a lot of attention from females was wearing dark clothes, mysterious and darkness was all around him, piercing blue eyes and dark hair. He was dangerously handsome.

"My name is Eleanor and this is Cole to the left," the girl said showing the brown-haired guy who waved, "and this is Maxwell." She said showing the mysterious blue eyes to her right, he didn't wave or said anything instead he looked away from them with a grunt.

Jayla narrowed her eyes to the dark-haired boy, she was analyzing him but didn't found anything from him, the only thing she knew was that he was dangerous for her and the population here in Raven.

Jayla narrowed her eyes to the dark-haired boy, she was analyzing him but didn't found anything from him, the only thing she knew was that he was dangerous for her and the population here in Raven

It was time for lunch, Jayla sat in of the lonely tables in the cafeteria, she ripped her package and ate one of her mom lunch that she prepared. Instead of socializing with people, she liked staying alone and observing people. She grinned as she listened to a podcast telling funny stories while she eats. She felt someone tapping her shoulders, she took off her earphones and looked at behind her, there was Eleanor, Cole and the mysterious boy, Maxwell.

"Hey can we sit here?" Eleanor asked Jayla nodded quietly as she put her stuff back in her bag, she doesn't like trouble and didn't like having one. As she was getting ready to leave her table, she was grabbed by someone, she glanced at the person and it was Maxwell, holding her.

"She said can we sit here and not can you leave." He said in his deep voice, Jayla gulped nervously and nodded silently, not making a fuss. She sat in her old chair and Eleanor sat next to her while Cole sat in front with Maxwell beside, he was sitting across from her.

"What's your name?" Eleanor asked after a moment silence, Jayla rubbed her arms uncomfortably, she didn't like to interact with people except for Nolan who she knew him from kindergarten.

"My names is Jayla." She whispered.

"Speak up." Max said coldly which Jayla shivered and cleared her throat.

"My names is Jayla." She repeated a little louder, the girl beside her smile while Cole nodded and Max grumbled incoherent words.

"Jayla is an uncommon name." Cole said which made Jayla shrugged and looked away from them, looking at the window. She felt someone glaring behind her, she didn't want to see or watch him.

"Well this is awkward." Eleanor whispered and Jayla agreed, it was awkward because Max was glaring at her, she felt his glare behind her. She wanted to tell him but was scared that the young man would something to her.

"Hey guys!" Nolan said and sat next to Jayla who looked surprised, she smiled at him for coming to rescue her, he grinned and held a thumb up to her. Max was watching them, the mysterious boy was feeling something that he didn't know and didn't like it.

"Hi and who are you?" Cole asked Nolan who smiled, his cheerful smile calmed Jayla.

"I'm Nolan, nice to meet you guys." He said and smiled at Max who looked furious.

"Don't mind him, he has anger issues." Eleanor said and Max snarled like a wolf, a wolf, Jayla shook her head. She was probably imagining weird things.

"Oh alright, well welcome to Raven, it's a small city so you will get used to it." He chuckled.

"We already know that." Max muttered with narrowed eyes at him, he glared at the innocent boy.

"So what kind of things you guys like to do?" Cole asked quickly, he knew that his friend was mad, more like pissed.

"I'm a soccer player and loves to party." Nolan replied with a grin on his face, he pretended that Max was angry just for the sake of his friend Jayla, she always hated the fact people choose violence than communication.

"Me too, I'm usually the defender but Max is a good attacker." Cole chuckled as he pushed the grumpy man playfully, he growled in response and rolled his eyes. He looked at Jayla who was frightened by his stare, he smirked and crossed his arms, still watching her.

"Oh you should sign up for the team, I'm sure Max would be a great captain." He suggested with a grin, Jayla smiled as he looked at Nolan smile but that just got the angry boy more furious.

"Exactly, we should do this." Cole replied with a big smile as he grabbed the inscription paper from Nolan who gave them, Max glared at the poor boy while snatching the paper from Cole, he gave a slight nod to Eleanor at Jayla and stood up to leave with Cole beside him.

"Well I guess this is a goodbye?" Nolan furrowed his eyebrows, he didn't hear their response and left their table without Eleanor, Max glanced back at Jayla who was staring at him and without hesitation, he sent her a wink and left in glory the cafeteria with several men that she didn't even see them along with Cole.

"Who are those guys?" She asked Eleanor without breaking her stare to five strong back men.

"The gold hair is Marco, red hair is Peyton, the man with a white bag is Huxley aka my boyfriend." Eleanor introduced them to her with dreamy eyes toward the man with a white bag, known as Huxley. Jayla went confused about why her boyfriend didn't come here.

"Why did your boyfriend didn't come with you?" Nolan asked, knowing Jayla question after seeing her face confused, he could totally read her like a book, unlike those three people that were here before.

"Because he had work and also didn't have time to meet us, next time I will try to present him to you guys." She said and drink her water.

"It's time to go to class, Jayla can you show me where is C190?" The girl asked kindly to Jayla who gave her a tight nod.

"Well see you later Nolan." The girls said to Nolan who waved and left them. As they were walking out of the cafeteria to their class, Eleanor asked a question to Jayla who left her in surprise.

"Do you find Max hot?"