A Trust-fund Baby

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Blair Cooper


Judson Ray was a live-in son-in-law of Shaw Family, as well as the heir of a rich family in Y City. To pursue his beloved woman, he hid his identity and became a live-in son-in-law to protect Diana, but he had suffered much humiliation. What he wanted was her concern, and then he could give him the whole world.


Chapter 1 Endless Insults to the Son-in-law

"Judson, pour the water out of my footbath..." Sally Shaw, Judson's mother-in-law, kicked the high-grade mahogany footbath with her feet.

"Wait a minute, mom. I'll do it after washing these bowls..." Judson, who was busy washing dishes in the kitchen, said in a loud voice.

"Are you deaf? I say! Pour the water out of my footbath now! I don't want to repeat it again!" When Sally came home today, she was very upset and she wore a gloomy face. At the moment, Judson, a loser, was so disobedient that it made her more irritable.

Judson trembled fiercely. He felt angry. He gritted his teeth and clenched his fist. Before he spoke anything, the voice of Diana, who was his wife, came not far away from the living room.

"Judson, didn't you hear what my mother said? Are you going to irritate my mom?! Hurry up." Diana said with an extremely cold voice, and her tone was full of disgust and disappointment.

Diana was a good-looking woman, 5’6’’ in height. She was so beautiful with fair skin and long legs. Now she had washed her feet and was rubbing essential oil and body milk on her long and straight fair legs. Without looking up, she directly roared at Judson who was washing dishes in the kitchen.

"What a loser! He can't do anything! Diana, today I have played mahjong with Zoe. Her son-in-law is an executive of a large company. They have cars and houses. Zoe is very arrogant and proud! Alas, looking at this loser, I feel very angry! A man stays at home every day and doesn't go out to work. He just washes dishes, cooks, and washes clothes every day, like a nanny. The bowl he washes are not clean at all! He's not as good as a dog! Loser! Trash! It's better to have a dog." The more Sally spoke, the angrier she became. Finally, she kicked the footbath away with anger. The water was poured all over the floor, and the high-grade mahogany footbath also fell on the floor of the living room.

Diana on the side was startled and immediately shouted to the kitchen.

"Judson! Are you going to piss my mother off? Hurry to come to wipe the floor! Put the footbath away and apologize to my mom! Marrying you was the worst decision that I’ve ever made! I really regret marrying you now!" Diana was also angry. Judson, who had been living in her family for a year, had never gone to work. He did the laundry and cooking at home every day. It was a shame to her. She didn't dare to tell her friends that she married Judson! It was really a shame!

Judson, who had just squeezed detergent in the kitchen, was washing dishes by hand with an apron. He trembled fiercely. He could not suppress his anger any more. He suddenly threw the dishes that had just been cleaned in his hands and threw it on the ground. The plate fell to the ground and broke into pieces.

Judson didn't even look at the pieces. He said angrily, "Shut up!" Judson yelled at Sally and Diana who were in the living room.

It was the first time that Sally and Diana had seen Judson losing his temper. For a while, they were scared and did not dare to say a word.

Judson clenched his fist tightly. Yes, he was the son-in-law of the Shaw family, but he was also the successor of a hermit family of Y City! Then why did he still come to the Shaw family to be son-in-law with his lofty status?

That was because Judson was in the same class with Diana in high school. At that time, Judson's family didn't care much about him in order to exercise his survival ability. He was only given very little living expenses every day. At that time, Judson often did not have enough to eat, and his only living expenses were robbed by gangsters. No one in the class paid any attention to him. Only Diana saw that he was so pitiful, so, she often gave him her own food. In the age of ignorance in high school, Judson fell in love with Diana.

After graduating from University, Judson became the master of his family. Then he came to N City to chase Diana and gave her a lifetime of glory. However, a year ago, Diana's father was critically ill.

When he was dying, he was afraid that no one would take care of his daughter. In order to let Diana inherit his property in the Shaw family, he began to recruit a son-in-law. Then, Judson couldn’t be bothered to step up efforts and became the son-in-law directly.

In the past year of marriage, Judson had secretly blocked a lot of trouble for Diana with the power of his family. He was afraid that Diana could not ease the pain of her father's death. So, this year he gave up his career and concentrated on taking care of her. He did the domestic chores for her, taking care of everything!

Judson had thought that Diana would see his devotion. Unexpectedly, his meticulous devotion in return was their increasing scorn! He now suddenly understood that being servile would never end perfectly! He now also felt disappointed. So, he decided not to pretend! He decided to have a showdown!

It was true that he still loved Diana. But Diana had already broken his heart. Judson took a deep breath and untied the embroidered apron. He threw it into the pool and walked into the living room.

At this moment, Sally who was in the living room just reacted. She was angry directly. Regardless of the water split on the ground, she hurried to Judson. Then, she pointed at Judson's nose and scolded, "You… What are you! How dare you throw things in my Shaw family! Who gives you the courage! Divorce Diana and get out of the Shaw family if you have the guts! And cut off the contact with our Shaw family and stay out of our business!"