A Sweet Night: The CEO Loves His Wife Ardently

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On her eighteenth birthday night, she was framed by her fiancé and stepsister, who brought paparazzi to catch her in bed. Her reputation therefore was ruined. In order to avenge herself, she had to seek a big protective umbrella. One night, Bryson Cordova, the wealthiest man in Peace City, stood in front of her. Audrey Koch, who was drunk, looked at the long legs in front of her and got furious, "It's not big at all!" The next morning, Audrey woke up with a sore back. Bryson asked, "Is it big?" Audrey was lost for words.

EmotionRomanceOne-night standTrue Lovelove-triangleSad loveCheating

Chapter 1 Prologue

The night was deepening. The hazy moonlight slanting through the window made the room even more erotic than it was.

Clothes scattered around on the floor. In the dimness, on the king-sized bed, two young bodies entwined.

"It hurts…"

The girl moaned. In a haze, she felt someone on top of her. She couldn't breathe. But her eyelids were too heavy. She couldn't open her eyes.

Could it be a ghost?

But if it was, why did she feel so hot? And it hurt too much as if she were being torn apart.

She could hear heavy and husky gasping coming from above. Somehow, she felt like she was floating on the sea like a boat. Then something soft and cold pressed against her lips. She slightly opened her mouth and a tongue stuck in.

A while later, the pain was replaced by the pleasure that she had never experienced before. Involuntarily, she held the arms of the man on top of her and indulge herself in the joy.

It was three o'clock in the morning.

The lights in the presidential suite suddenly came up. At the same time, several people rushed in and pointed their cameras at the bed, taking photos.

Exhausted, the girl was sleeping like a log in the messy bed. Her torn evening dress and lingerie tossed on the floor and the hickeys on her exposed arms and shoulders declared the wildness of the night before.

Flashes from the camera were dazzling and disturbing, and the girl slowly opened her eyes.

Before she knew what had happened, she saw someone move fast.

Her fiancé, Julian Shaw, who had been attentive to her at her eighteenth birthday banquet last night, rushed forward with a ferocious look and slapped her in the face.

The slapping was very loud.

Julian shouted abuse in disgust, "Bitch, you have the nerve to cheat on me behind my back."

She felt a burning pain on her cheek, which was swollen instantly with a red palm mark.

Audrey Munn tightened her grip on the blanket and looked up at Julian with misty angry eyes.

"You drugged me!" Audrey stared fiercely into his eyes.

Julian was her fiancé, whom she trusted the most. She had never imagined that he would stab her in the heart.

A glimmer of guilt flashing across his eyes, Julian looked away, not daring to meet Audrey's eyes. He glanced around eagerly, asking, "Where is your lover?"

Julian didn't see any man in the room upon entering.

Last night, he arranged two male prostitutes for Audrey. Unexpectedly, Audrey did not go to the room he had arranged. Only after he checked the surveillance did he know that Audrey had stumbled into another room. Afterward, a man entered the room, but he did not come out. Although the process was different from what he had planned, the result was the same.

No matter where the man was, Julian got what he wanted.

"You should answer this question, Mr. Julian!" Audrey said coldly.

Although Julian did not know where that man had gone, he had achieved his goal.

Julian looked at Audrey mockingly. "Audrey, I thought that you would admit your mistake after doing such a shameful thing, but you sling mud at me, claiming that I drugged you. I would not ever marry a slut who likes to tell lies."

Julian turned around and looked at the cameras of the paparazzi behind him.

He raised his hand and said solemnly, "I, Julian Shaw, hereby declare that from today onwards, my engagement with Audrey will be canceled."

After saying that, Julian left with the paparazzi.

Before Audrey sort out her thoughts in the chaos, her phone suddenly rang.

It was Grandma.

"Hello, Grandma…"

A strange female voice came, "Hello, the owner of this phone has had a car accident. Please come to the First General Hospital now."

Audrey was dumbfounded.


Three days later, in the cemetery.

Audrey was dressed in black and white. She had been kneeling in front of Grandma's tombstone for a long time. Looking at Grandma's photo on the tombstone, Audrey felt deeply guilty.

Three days ago, Grandma had a car accident. By the time she arrived at the hospital, Grandma had passed away.

She heard from the servants that her grandma went out because someone had called and told her that she had an accident. Soon after she left the house, the tragedy happened.

However, there was no record of such a call on Grandma's phone.

Who on earth called Grandma?

All the mourners had left the cemetery. A girl dressed in a plain white dress stood behind Audrey with a broad smile.

"Even if you kneel there forever, your grandma will not come back to life," Wendy said sharply.

Audrey didn't bother to look back at her, saying coldly, "Wendy, she is also your grandma. Show some respect when you speak."

Wendy was the daughter of her father and Mrs. Munn, who was not Audrey's mother, but her father's mistress on the side. After Audrey's mother died of disease, Wendy's mother married her father and became Mrs. Munn.

Audrey had a brother two years younger than her, but he got lost at the age of three. Wendy was only one year younger than Audrey.

Grandma was extremely protective of Audrey. After Audrey's mother died of illness and her father married the mistress, she was maltreated by her stepmother. It was Grandma who had protected her well in the family.

"Grandma?" Wendy's beautiful smile got hideous. "When did she ever treat me like her own granddaughter? In her eyes, only you are her granddaughter. Why? I am my father's daughter too."

Audrey did not say anything.

Wendy chuckled softly and continued, "But it doesn't matter anymore. She's gone. I forgot to tell you that Dad has decided to send you abroad and leave you to sink or swim there. Your affair with a man in the hotel has been spread, which has disgraced the Munns and shamed him. As a result, the stock price of the Munn Group plummeted. The air ticket for the flight to depart in the afternoon has been booked."

"Besides, Julian and I are getting engaged in a week." She said with a smirk.

Audrey froze.

That was why Julian betrayed her. After Wendy's mother married her father, Wendy became the daughter of a distinctive family. And she, Audrey, was just an orphan without any protection. Smart people knew the best choice for them, but she didn't expect that they would resort to such a despicable method.

Audrey bit her lower lip hard. "So you and Julian worked together and set me up on the night three days ago."

Wendy put a finger on her lips with feigned nervousness. However, there was not the slightest bit of fear on her face.

"Hush. Keep it quiet. I don't want anyone else to know about this." Wendy sneered, "Even if Julian and I set you up, do you have any evidence? Without evidence, the court will not even accept your case."

Audrey clenched her fists tightly, her knuckles turning white in anger.

"By the way, there's one more thing!" Wendy added fuel to the fire. "Thirteen years ago, your younger brother heard that you were waiting for him in the park, and he was so stupid that he went there alone. I didn't expect that he wouldn't return."

Audrey froze. She looked at Wendy with rage surging in her chest. "It was you."

Wendy smiled brightly at Audrey's furious face and stepped back, afraid that Audrey would attack her suddenly.

She thought Audrey could not survive abroad, so she dared to tell her all of this.

"Whoops. Julian has asked me to go to the movies tonight, and I need to go home and dress up properly. My parents are waiting for me in the front. Audrey, I'll go back now. You are going to the airport in the afternoon, and I won't see you off."

After saying that, Wendy swayed her charming figure and gracefully left.

Audrey stared at her back with red angry eyes.

She swore that one day she would destroy everything that Wendy possessed.