Chapter 2 Unreachable Dreams

Layla's expression darkened as she couldn't help feeling guilty for tearing up the engagement contract. She wanted to make it up to him, but he was so ungrateful.

"I can't believe you still haven't realized the reality of our situation. How pathetic!" she said.

"That's enough. Do what you want," Layla said before getting into her Ferrari and speeding off, leaving a trail of dust that seemed to mock Flynn's impotent rage.

"Psycho!" Flynn watched Layla's proud figure disappear into the distance and then stomped on her business card until it turned into dust.

The old man who had been waiting nearby shook his head at the scene. He and other ancient clans with trillions in assets would do anything to get their granddaughters into bed with King of the Underworld.

It was ridiculous that Layla didn't recognize a true big shot when she saw one and tore up this golden opportunity herself!

As he approached, ready to plead his case, Flynn received a call on his phone from Matteo Kaur - the benefactor for him and his mother in Niarak.

"Mr. Kaur?"

"Flynn, you were released from prison today right? Come straight here when you arrive in Niarak so we can discuss your marriage with Madeline," Matteo said over the phone.

Flynn looked at the message on his phone and raised an eyebrow in surprise.

Madeline Kaur was Matteo's daughter. When she was young, Madeline was already a beauty, and now she should have grown even more beautiful.

Matteo once said that when the time came, he will let Madeline marry Flynn. This was also Adrianna Noble's wish. Flynn couldn't help but sigh and replied with an "ok". He then looked up at the old man and young girl who were already sweating profusely and waved his hand.

"Whatever it is, wait for me to come to Eahta before we talk."


Niarak Airport.

"Why do I keep running into this woman?"

Flynn had just gotten off the plane and his face darkened as he furrowed his brows deeply.

On the sofa in the lounge area, Layla also froze when she saw Flynn. A hint of disdain flashed in her eyes.

"Just released from prison and still chasing after me? Is it worth it?"

"Flynn, why bother? Even if you persistently pursue me, I won't marry you," Layla shook her head lightly with a soft sigh. "Miss Woods has already called off your engagement. Do you really think there's any point in following her here?"

"I've never seen someone as shameless as you!" Kimber Doyle, Layla's secretary, confronted him with a cold voice and a hint of frost on her beautiful face.

Flynn's gaze turned cold and he replied indifferently, "You're overthinking it. I just happened to be passing by."

"Passing by?" Kimber sneered with endless disdain. "I bet you saw how pretty and wealthy Miss Woods is and wanted to create an opportunity for a chance encounter so you could impress her like a lapdog!"

"It's useless. You two are not even in the same world."

"I advise you not to waste your time on an unattainable dream," Kimber continued. "Get a job first so you can support yourself! Otherwise, you'll starve!"

"You're someone who has been in prison before. Even if you try your best, there's no way my boss would ever be interested in someone like you!"

Layla's expression also darkened as she was annoyed at this man who secretly followed them and now acted tough after being caught.

People should have self-awareness about their worth!

How could the stars in the sky look down upon cockroaches hiding in dark corners?

Flynn chuckled coldly after hearing this exchange and didn't even bother looking at them anymore. He took out his key card and played with it while waiting for someone to come pick him up.

Orion Kennedy, the Niarak King serving time on Demon Island, learned that Flynn was coming to Niarak and had already notified the wealthiest man in Niarak to come pick him up from the airport.

Flynn held a key card that opened Thodell Mansion, worth 300 million dollars and formerly owned by war god Cruz Brooks. It now belonged to Flynn.

In his pocket was also a black card with a golden flying dragon on it containing 30 million dollars, enough for his expenses in Niarak. Plus, as he was now, calling forth millions would not be difficult.

Layla saw that Flynn wasn't leaving and stubbornly sat down. Her expression darkened.

She was about to get up and leave when an old lady suddenly collapsed nearby.

"Someone fainted!"

Everyone rushed over.

"I'm a doctor. Move aside!"

A bespectacled man squeezed through and checked her pulse before sighing and shaking his head.

"The patient's heart has failed. She probably won't make it."

"What?!" The little girl next to them burst into tears immediately. "That's impossible! My grandma has always been healthy. How could she suddenly have heart failure?"

"Your grandmother had an underlying condition that only became apparent after some time passed." said the doctor solemnly.

"This disease is aggressive, and unless we give her a shot of strong heart medication, there may be little hope," the doctor said.

"But the airport is more than 20 minutes away from the hospital. The old lady won't make it."

The doctor shook his head helplessly. "I'm sorry, but there's nothing we can do."

"What are we going to do? Grandma, please wake up...please don't die..." The girl's sobs were heart-wrenching and everyone in the room was moved by her pain.

"Little girl, life and death are beyond our control. Call your family to come as soon as possible," advised the doctor.

"This doctor is a chief physician at Niarak's hospital. If he says there's no hope, then there really isn't any hope," someone whispered sadly.

"It's so unpredictable that someone who was just lively moments ago can suddenly die like this." Everyone felt deeply saddened by what they were witnessing.

"No! Grandma please don't die! You're my only relative..." The girl cried even louder now.

Flynn furrowed his brow involuntarily at this scene before him - an elderly woman with pale lips and sweat on her forehead along with joint spasms caused by severe myocarditis leading to cardiac arrest - a condition that most doctors would find difficult to treat.

For Flynn, all he needed to do was infuse true energy into her three acupoints.

Within two minutes, the old lady's heart could be restarted.

And it was a permanent solution; there would be no need to go back to the hospital afterwards.

Doctors nowadays focused too much on modern medicine. In reality, traditional medicine was the best!

A bitter smile crossed Flynn's face as he approached and crouched down in front of the old lady's acupoints. He pressed them a few times before standing up again.

In just two minutes, the old lady would wake up.

"Miss, look at what Flynn Clark is doing. He's such a weirdo!"

Kimber furrowed her brows with anger and disgust. "The old lady has already passed away and he not only laughs but also touches her body randomly!"

"This guy is definitely mentally unstable!"

Layla frowned deeply and quickly walked over when Flynn stood up after pressing on the acupoints.

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