Chapter 2- Amara

Age ten:-

I laid on my back to let my sight get clear. I don't want to faint in the middle of a jungle where no one can find me. Well no one is going to search for me in this town anyway.

Oh god this is bad. I don't want to die this early and definitely not like this being a snack to the wild animals.

Why did I even came in here?

Obviously because I am stupid but now that I am already in this situation, what should I do? I want to live.

Wow, now I am talking to myself. Am I going crazy now? That hit seriously messed up with my head I guess.

Oh no black spots, I am going to faint. I don’t want to pass out right now.

Am I seriously going to die?

Goodbye world. Finally dad's wish will be granted.

Just as I was about to lose consciousness, I saw a ball of light coming towards me.

Am I hallucinating?

Off course I am hallucinating. Haha. If I ever get out of here, I should go get myself checked with a shrink.

Huh? Did it just changed into a wolf?

That can’t be a hallucination.

So, now am going to get eaten when I am still alive. Great.

Well thank you mister wolf, put me out of my misery.

Holly hell, the wolf's huge. Does this sized wolves even exists or am I going crazy? I think the latter might be the case.

It came and put its paw on me like checking if I am still breathing or not.

Huh, this is weird.

And that's how ladies and gentlemen I fainted, with the wolf spirit's paw on my chest and its muzzle right in front of my face.

Whoa! Where am I?

It's dark in here and there is something on my chest. I can feel its weight. It doesn’t have much weight but I can feel it and it's warm. I am laying on something soft.

Why is it so dark in here? Somebody please switch on the lights.

Oh, silly me, my eyes are closed. Then everything came rushing back to me or was it a dream?

Oh hell no. Am I dead? I can still feel the pain in my head. I should probably open my eyes first. Well, here goes nothing.

I opened my eyes and saw the same wolf sleeping beside me, with its head on my chest.

Shit my head hurts. If I am still alive then that means it doesn’t want to kill me or I hope that’s the case here. It is not going to harm me now right or was it saving me for later? I feel paranoid.

I took a look around to figure out where I am.

It looks like I am in an old cabin like thing. The wolf might have brought me here when I was out cold.

I should get the hell out of here without waking the wolfee up in case it changes its mind.

Oh no, me and my bad luck.

The wolf opened its eyes. It looked at me with its head tilted to one side. There is no running away now I guess. So, let's find out if it's still keen on granting me my life.

It stood on all four legs and licked my face.

Ewww. That was gross. There was no saliva on his tongue, but it’s still gross.

And then it spoke.

Do wolves speaks or am I seriously losing my mind?

Holly mother of Jesus it is transparent. Great. I am at an unknown place with a wolf ghost. Could this situation get any worse?

It said, "You are finally awake. You were out for a while."

Ahh, it is a he then and he definitely saved my life.

"Where am I?" I asked looking in his eyes as that’s the only part of him through which I can’t see objects behind him.

This is giving me a headache.

"You are at an abandoned cabin. I found you barely conscious in the woods. So I brought you here to heal. And you were out for almost the entire night. Its dawn now."

And truly, I can see a bit of the light of the rising sun through the window.

"Thank you so much for helping me. I am Amara. What is your name? Are you a wolf ghost or something?" I fired away.

The wolf ghost blinked, bewildered I think. What? I am a curious person.

"You are most welcome.” He said at last. “And as for your other questions, my kind does not have names. And I am not a ghost. I am a wolf spirit. As you are now awake, my father would like to see you. He is the leader here. I brought you here without his permission. You weren't supposed to see me. He can be intimidating at first but don't worry he won't bite. Okay?"

Did I imagine it or I saw a bit of a wolfee smirk on his face or muzzle or whatever it is. I feel nervous suddenly.

"Wolf spirit ey. Cool.” I said keeping up the cool front.

Don’t want to come out as sacredly cat, do I now.

“What do you mean you don't have a name? Everyone has names. Just like my aunt named me Amara. Can I call you Ryder?"

"Sure. But why Ryder?" He asked tilting his head a bit.

"Because it suits you.”

Then something clicked in my brain.

“Wait a minute. You said your kind. Does that mean there are more of you? What do you mean by your father wants to see me? And why am I not supposed to see you?"

"Yes, there is an entire pack of us and don't worry papa won't hurt you. He just wants to talk to you. Being a wolf spirit, we are not visible to humans. I don’t know how you saw me earlier though and even now when I am trying to make myself invisible.” He said with a bit of irritation which made me giggle. “Well, if you are good enough to walk, we can get finished with this and you can rest afterwards."

He nodded his head towards the door.

"Yeah I feel fine now. Let's get this over with." I said trying not to look scared but I am scared as hell.

If it would have been possible to measure fear, mine would have blasted off the scale.

He started walking and I followed him. The cabin was quiet big. Not huge but big enough for two people to live comfortably. We stepped out of the front door. There was a river flowing at least fifty feet away from the cabin and the area was cleared a bit with some overgrown grass and no trees.

With some work, this cabin can become a perfect place to live. It is so beautiful and calm here. How did I not hear the rushing of the flowing water before? And at the shore of the river were sitting a bunch of see-through wolves. I mean a pack of wolf spirits.


They were all different colours and their sizes were different too. All of them were smaller than Ryder, except for one. He was biggest of the lot. He might be the leader and hell he looked intimidating. Ryder bowed his head in front of him and stood beside him.

So now I was standing in front of eight - nine huge see through wolves. All eyes on me.

Not so frightening at all right. Note the sarcasm.

Wow, things can't get any weirder.

“What were you doing in the woods all alone? Do you even understand the consequences if my son wouldn't have found you? You would have been dead by now.” The leader said in an almost grumpy and deep voice.

Nice to meet you too sir. His voice was full of authority, powerful but still a warmth to it, like a fatherly edge.

Is he worried about me? Well that’s new.

"Well no one cares if I am alive or not so it would be a win win situation for them. No worries." I said shrugging, though it hurt a lot to say that but truth can’t be changed, can it?

You got to get over it sometimes.

His voice softened a bit after hearing this.

"What do you mean by that?" He asked.

I told them everything from the beginning. At the end, I couldn't stop myself from crying. Ryder came by my side to comfort me. The leader was looking at me with sadness and pity in his eyes.

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