Male Stories

The Mafia prince


" kitten" " kitten" ignore." kitten" ignore." kitten" deep breaths." kitten" you don't want to kill him and go to prison." kitten" Ughhh."Kitten" ok she lost it."will u stop that " "stop what" "Annoying me"He pretends to think and says "no".Meet Nik.He is the mafia prince. He is the head of the whole mafia .well soon to be. He is cocky, a player and a arrogant jerk Meet Mia. She is sweet but has a smart mouth, and gorgeous. she had a terrible past but doesn't remember anything due to a accident.What happens if Mia gets to know her true identity that is the daughter of the mafia boss who has equal power as mafia king.What happens if both are mafia rivals? Join the story of mia and nik and encounter humor, heart break, twists and turns and much more.


The Alphas' Mate


PREVIEW:''Good Evening Alpha, sorry we didn't know ..'' Dana mumbles and she look so scared. Alpha? so does that mean this handsome creature in front of me is the Alpha? I look like a fool here but I can not take my eyes off its beautiful eyes.''Shh .. stop'' he replied to Dana. So the two of us just kept quiet and held hands but, my eyes remained staring at him''Mate'' this word stopped me especially my breathing. My grip on Dana's Hand tightened even more''I .. I beg your .. your pardon sir?'' I stammered.''Mate.'' he really did repeat it."Harry her name, please.'' the man beside him then scan some papers and I did not expect him to read my name. ''Chloe Shaye G. Scott sir''-ANNA


Dragon Emperor

37.0K·Ben Liang

When Satan was angry, blood would be shed! His name was Satan, and in the name of Satan, he killed! When he returned to the city, he was surrounded by enemies and eventually won numerous bloody battles. Back to the battlefield where all his enemies were waiting, he only resumed his blood-soaked life of endless killing. He was Satan, the Dragon Emperor reigning over the entire world. All his life, he was ready to sacrifice his own life for his woman, his family and his brother...


Lord Death Is Now Back Home


Five years ago, Chris Shelby was kicked out of his family and ended up in East Coast. Right before he was starving to death, he met the Jefferson family, who, as advised by a fortune teller, took him in and thought he could bring their terribly ill father some good luck. Finally he married their eldest daughter, Esther Jefferson to him, yet he ran away after the wedding and their family became a joke in the city... Five years later, when he finally returned, he was already the Primus of the country with unparalleled power and wealth, yet the first thing he saw was the suffering of his wife and daughter...


The Accursed Lord

29.0K·Edward London

Five years ago, before he was forced to joined the army, they had the sweetest night and made the most solemn vow in their youthful life. Yet, when he finally returned from the most deadly battlefields, that sweet girl in his dream had become his stepmother... What had happened...


Daddy the Miracle Medic

112.0K·Harley Shaw

Betrayed by his ex-wife and with his daughter gravely ill, Lachlan Willis is at a loss until he inherits the legacy of the divine dragon. From then on, he transforms into a miracle doctor and shakes up the world!"I cannot fall because behind me are all the people I care about!"


The cold hearted billionaire


Liam Carter, a billionaire with an insatiable appetite for pleasure, never believed in love or commitment. His life revolved around his carnal desires, seeking satisfaction wherever he pleased. But everything changed when he laid eyes on Lacey Sanders, a captivating woman who ignited a spark within him. Little did they know, their encounter at that party would set off a chain of events that would challenge their beliefs and redefine their understanding of love and desire.


A King Reborn in Shadows

32.0K·Dylan Porter

A solitary island prison, with only one prisoner being held, yet requiring a hundred thousand guards to watch over him. Today, he is released!


Fallen Heir Rising


Five years ago, he was the top scion of a prominent family, falsely accused and banished to the borderlands after a scandalous affair with a woman. Five years have passed, and he now stands as a military conqueror, only to receive the devastating news of his parents’ murder and the auctioning of his sister as a slave… Fueled by fury, he returns and fights his way back! However, upon his return, he discovers that the woman he had a one-night stand with in the past has given birth to a pair of adorable twins…




Benedict Muller was born in the modern time when the evolution of technology and science made waves in human genetics and the universe. Everyone has special powers. Only rich families will always excel as they influence to be in control. Poor people like Benedict Muller could only accept the conditions. When Benedict was 18 years old, he decided to join a military group to fight and earn a decent living. With last hope and strong determination, Benedict took the test. But before he knew it, the greatest evolution of science happened. The system synchronised with Benedict. It was time for Benedict Muller to rise.


Warrior Supreme

4.0K·Noah Clementine

Young Tyler Grant is falsely convicted and imprisoned for three years. He returns home to see his family ruined and tortured in his absence, and his girlfriend marrying the man who jailed him. With newfound abilities he cultivated in prison, Tyler will exact his vengeance and rise to the pinnacle of the world!


Contractual MARRIAGE : The Billionaire And The Waitress


PROLOGUE : ️️ Adrien Vitale is one of the most powerful people in the world. Daughter of a business man, she will stop at nothing to inherit her father’s corporation. To every woman she has ever slept with, she is ruthless, ambitious and cutthroat, with no intention of ever settling down. Except when her father gives her an ultimatum, she needs to either present herself as a family woman, or risk losing her inheritance. Ever since Muse Gardner’s grandmother died, she has been scraping together a living in New York City, only one step away from the streets. For the past six months, she has been a waitress at one of the most high-end restaurants in New York City. But after the accident of the century―involving a bottle of wine, a hot-shot CEO and a ruined tuxedo―she’s left with a bad reputation and no job prospects. Until Adrien Vitale, a filthy-rich CEO, makes her a deal : Pretend to be the billionaire’s wife, for more money than Muse has ever imagined. There’s just one problem. With a fake proposal, a fake wedding and a fake wife, it might just be impossible to tell what’s true anymore. Can a relationship built on lies ever be real ?


The orphan who became the billionaires boss


How would you feel when you find out that the company you couldn't even dreamt of getting employed as a cleaner, is actually yours? Bryan had thought his only girlfriend would be his wife but as fate may have it, she got married to his rich brother because of the multi-billion company he partners with, but she got clouded in shock and shame when she discovered Bryan was actually the boss. Bryan also sworn to make those who humiliated him beg at his feet.


The Dusk Of Destiny

41·Grey's matas

As the sun sets for the last time, a deadly virus spreads across the globe. As a result, cities fall apart, and survivors struggle to find scarce resources to survive. In the midst of the chaos, a small group bands together to search for a rumored safe haven. However, as they journey through the wasteland, they begin to uncover dark secrets that suggest a greater danger lurking in the shadows. Will they be able to find sanctuary or have they unintentionally walked into a trap set by forces beyond their control?


Blind Date Mishap

4.0K·Maurice Elliott

Originally, he thought that women who needed blind dates must have significant flaws! Either physically or psychologically. James never expected that the person sitting in front of him would be a beautiful woman with delicate features! It turned out that he had mistakenly sat at the wrong table for the blind date and accidentally encountered a domineering and icy female CEO!


Arranged marriage : Disposing of love


24-year-old Sasha Hamilton loves her life as the daughter of billionaire businessman and her carefree lifestyle. However, when her ruthless father forces her to be an asset in his bid to take control over of a rival company, Sasha’s world is turned upside down… 27-year-old playboy Christian Matheson’s father’s company is falling to the ground. Nearing bankruptcy Christian sees no hope for the once billion-dollar business he dreamt of leading. However, when rival Garret Hamilton offers to aid Christian’s family he is elated. But there is a cost… Thrown together in an arranged marriage, despite secrets and lies, Sasha and Christian must put on the show of their lives in order to help their families. However, what if their unfortunate circumstances can lead to something more.


Bullied Billionaire


In the lawless city, a young Allen discovers an ancient artifact that unlocks his hidden potential. With the power of the 'Revenge System', he becomes the superhero Allen, determined to bring justice and order to the corrupt streets. As he rises to the top, he must confront dark secrets and powerful forces that seek to maintain the status quo..


Invincible Son-in-Law


The cowardly and useless live-in son-in-law Christopher Lane accidentally obtained the inheritance of the Taiji Sutra and the Life and Death Stone. From then on, he began a different life. He used his medical skills to save beauties, his martial arts to kill enemies, swept away the contempt and ridicule of others, won the heart of his beautiful wife, and eventually stood at the pinnacle of the world, overlooking everything.


Her Ruthless Daddy


"You're such a dirty, dirty girl," he says. He bounces me on his cock harder. And I feel him stretching me out. Fuck it feels so good. My pussy tightly wrapped around his cock. His cock shoved so deeply inside of me. "Fuuuck," he moans as he bounces me. I bite my lip and moan with him. There's a knock on the door and we both freeze. It's a hard thing to do because I was so close again. Kirk wraps a hand around my mouth. "Shh," he says into my ear, which just causes shivers to run down my spine and I can't help but move on his cock. He grabs a hold of me and pulls me into him. * Emma tries to flee away from the life shed used to, but one move leads her back into it and even worse. Will she be able to compromise her decisions?


HOT MAFIA (season 1)

58·DW Amour

(21+) Michele Lazzaro Riciteli, the most sadistic and feared Mafia Boss in Rome. His handsome and cool appearance makes this 30 year old man very charismatic. But behind all that, Michele suffers from a rare disease. A disease that makes him unable to feel pain even though dozens of bullets are lodged in his body. Not only that, this man with a tall, stocky posture cannot experience orgasm when having sex with women. The disease made him frustrated and become a cold-blooded killing machine. At a party, Michele was involved in a one night stand with a woman from Virginia named Meghan Crafson. He was very surprised because he could feel an orgasm while making love to Meghan. The next day Michele ordered his men to find and kidnap Meghan. What will happen next? Who is Meghan, and why does Michele want to kidnap her?