Male Stories

Dragon Master

2.0M·Blair Cooper

Maximilian, the young master of the Dragon Sect, is a trillionnaire! In the past four years, he hided his true identity and became the son-in-law of the Griffiths. He was insulted and bullied by his in-law relatives. When both his father, the Dragon Emperor and his daughter were ill, he had to return to the Dragon Sect and prepared to inherit his title.He promised his wife Victoria a happy and prosperous life, so he is going to deliver it!




Synopsis Oliver Bennett vs. Adrian GrahamOliver was a computer geek, a genius and a workaholic who didn’t have time for anything but his work…till he laid eyes on the super sexy doctor, Adrian Graham. Oliver knew just one thing for sure… He had to have him!Adrian was married and very straight. He had his own demons but sailed through life as though all was well. Then he met the adorable Oliver Bennett… He didn’t know what hit him!They knew that what they felt for each other was wrong. But they couldn’t get enough of each other. Theirs was an unquenchable lust!


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"P-Pa..why did you leave me" I said to papa's cold corpse inside the coffin, I just left for a while when I arrived he was already dead. "What else are you doing here?" I looked at my aunt while she was sober. I just bowed because people were looking at us here. "Aunt" "Don't stare at me, auntie! You're the unlucky one in our lives! Even my husband died because of your misfortune !! Now run away !!" Its loud shout, other people are already whispering. "T-aunt, I don't have a place to stay" Crying, I told my aunt. She suddenly dragged me out of the mansion. "When I say run away! Run away !!" This shout is another reason for even the people outside the gate to look. I stood up crying, begging him not to drive me away. "We're unlucky, do you know that ?! Ha ?! Because of you, my wife lost her boyfriend! His attention is on you! Huh! Why is that ?! BECAUSE YOU'RE JUST ADOPTED !! "He shouted loudly again so the rumors got louder. "Mom whats happening here?" Stella asked ... her son. "I'm kicking him out" Tita said authoritatively, Stella laughed. "So what else are you doing? Get away! Chupi! No bad luck here!" Shout it out. I didn't do anything but run and run. Maybe I'm unlucky, I don't have Papa anymore ... I don't have a place to stay, why am I still alive ?!


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"Grandma. What does Mama look like?" I asked as we watered our vegetable crops. Grandma looked at me and smiled. "She looks like Roseta. In case your hair you got from your Dad is very black in color." "Really ?! I look like Mama! Do you have a picture of Mama?" Grandma nodded. "No Grandson. But your Mama is a kind and very beautiful woman so she caught your Dad's taste." I smiled at what Grandma said. I love Grandma and Dad so much. They are the only ones I have. I only see my Dad once but when I'm with him we take advantage of every hour. Dad always told me how much he loved Mom and me. Even if I don't see Mama, I feel that she


Wolves, Maces, And Blood


Five years ago, he was set up and thrown into prison for no reason at all. And after five years, he was back, but as King Wolf this time. To everyone's surprise, he got married almost immediately after he was back to the city, and became a super daddy. He loved his daughter and wife so much... and this is their story.


Dragon Emperor

24.0K·Ben Liang

When Satan was angry, blood would be shed! His name was Satan, and in the name of Satan, he killed! When he returned to the city, he was surrounded by enemies and eventually won numerous bloody battles. Back to the battlefield where all his enemies were waiting, he only resumed his blood-soaked life of endless killing. He was Satan, the Dragon Emperor reigning over the entire world. All his life, he was ready to sacrifice his own life for his woman, his family and his brother...


Lord Death Is Now Back Home


Five years ago, Chris Shelby was kicked out of his family and ended up in East Coast. Right before he was starving to death, he met the Jefferson family, who, as advised by a fortune teller, took him in and thought he could bring their terribly ill father some good luck. Finally he married their eldest daughter, Esther Jefferson to him, yet he ran away after the wedding and their family became a joke in the city... Five years later, when he finally returned, he was already the Primus of the country with unparalleled power and wealth, yet the first thing he saw was the suffering of his wife and daughter...


Deadly Herbs


In the past five years when he was away, two mysterious objects appeared in this world. One of them was the Reaper's Gem and whoever saw it would have a sure death. The other one was the Primal's Gem and whoever had it would have all the wealth and luck in this world... He was the sole owner of these two gems... With his return to the city, there would sure be a turmoil coming up...


Primus, The Psycho


After seven blood-soaked years in the military, he was finally the Primus of the country, yet when he finally came back to her with all the glories he had earned with his life, he found that he actually had a daughter...


The Greatest Martial Arts Cultivator


Survivors of the mysterious organization's ambitions. Yuan Liong made his own way in the Kangow World. Fight from the lowest point to become the strongest with determination. “Refund all debts of revenge and humiliation.” The Kangow World was full of cultivators who were greedy and wanted power. Fight, scramble, escape, cunning opponent, and various other obstacles. Meeting new people, searching for enemies, and getting revenge. “I will stand at the Peak of the Martial World!”


That Arrogant Son-In-Law In The House


“Xiao Shun, aren't you dead!?" "You rubbish, it's all your fault! My daughter deserves a husband way better than you!" After three years living in the family, he had had enough of their mockery and from today on, he finally could do whatever he wanted, "Master, as we have agreed, I have protected the family for three years, and from now on, those ants that have looked down upon me, must all get on their knees!"


The Peerless Man With a Thousand Gifts

6.0K·Noah Clementine

Victor Damone's in-laws stole his life savings, convinced his beautiful wife he was a loser, and urged her to date a billionaire outside of marriage. When the bankrupt Victor fails to pay for his dying grandfather's treatment, he decides to return to his mysterious old life. One in which the entire world kneels before him. Victor will show his in-laws and everyone who underestimated him that he is a legendary, peerless man with a thousand gifts.


Abandoned heir: The charismatic Tyson Gray

2.0K·Red butterfly

Five years ago, he left as nothing. Now he's the famous invincible God of war. He has it all. Fame , money and power but his sole reason of coming back is to seek revenge. Five years ago, they looked down on him. He was the despised and looked down son-in-law of the Lewis family who everyone treated as trash. Tyson Gray,the abandoned heir of the Carter family is determined to make those who looked down upon regret it. Most importantly, he is out to seek revenge from the Carter family for causing the death of his mother. He won't stop until those who caused him pain pay the price.


The Accursed Lord

16.0K·Edward London

Five years ago, before he was forced to joined the army, they had the sweetest night and made the most solemn vow in their youthful life. Yet, when he finally returned from the most deadly battlefields, that sweet girl in his dream had become his stepmother... What had happened...


The War God's Homecoming

62.0K·Ralphy Porter

As the commander of an army named Bloodshadow, Billy Gardner is a legend on the battlefield with a hard-fought fate. He was adopted by a family in Ozin. Five years ago, his foster family was wiped out by their enemy. Luckily, Billy narrowly escaped and he was saved by a lady, who tenderly healed the wounds for him. Later on, he was taken away by a mysterious man. That lady is none other than Harleen Knight, a famous beauty who is soft-hearted. At that time, Billy was half-conscious and later he lost all memory of what happened. The next day upon waking up, he found Harleen had already left and she took a dragon-shaped jade pendant from him as a keepsake. Five years later, a text message from his daughter recalls him from the battlefield of swords to the world of mortals...


The Ultimate Son-in-Law

84.0K·Geoffrey John

In this captivating tale, our protagonist, a young man who grew up as an orphan under the loving care of his grandmother, embarks on a remarkable journey. After graduating and entering society, life takes an unexpected turn when his beloved grandmother falls seriously ill. Determined to save her, he makes a life-altering decision to become the son-in-law of a wealthy family. Initially faced with rejection and challenges in his new role, he endures the trials, feeling despondent until a fateful day changes everything. Injected with a mysterious substance by an enigmatic man, he discovers an ancient and long-lost legacy of immortality and cultivation. With newfound powers, he begins a transformative ascent towards greatness. This thrilling story of perseverance, love, and self-discovery unfolds as he delves into the world of cultivation, captivating the hearts of both friends and foes alike. As he reaches the pinnacle of his abilities, he unveils the true potential that was hidden within, becoming a force to be reckoned with. Join our hero on an exhilarating journey as he rises from an ordinary son-in-law to an unparalleled powerhouse, leaving an indelible mark on his destiny and the world around him. "The Ultimate Son-in-Law" is a tale of adventure, growth, and triumph that will keep you eagerly turning the pages until the very end.


The Arcane Disciple

2.0K·Blake Cole

In a realm where Martial Arts flourish, Caesar Barker, acclaimed as the supreme inheritor of the Mysterious Gates, embarks on his journey down from the mountain after completing his training. However, an unexpected mishap seals away his twin souls and five spirits, rendering him a clueless son-in-law for five years. Upon awakening, the unparalleled master, Caesar Barker, revels in the strongest brews, tames the most ferocious beasts, and each day unravels a life of triumphant reversals. Get ready for an exhilarating tale of redemption and conquest!


The King's Reckoning

4.0K·Kairo Cox

When his daughter calls for help, Alexander Dudley, the Commander of the Northwest Army, leads his forces in a furious rampage to the city Lustin. With his mother brutally killed and his friend's family wiped out, his wife and daughter become his sole priority. Just as the strong has its fatal weak point, whoever harms his wife and daughter, is signing their own death warrant!


Daddy the Miracle Medic

2.0K·Harley Shaw

Betrayed by his ex-wife and with his daughter gravely ill, Lachlan Willis is at a loss until he inherits the legacy of the divine dragon. From then on, he transforms into a miracle doctor and shakes up the world!"I cannot fall because behind me are all the people I care about!"


Fury of the Dragon Lord

712·Dominic Fox

When his wife and daughter face mistreatment, Peter Green, the contemporary war god, leads an army of thousands to the Giegend Empire's borders in a fit of rage. I, Peter Green, holds no respect for heaven or hell; my sole purpose is to ensure the safety and peace of my wife and daughter. Anyone who harms them will incur my wrath. All war gods of the Dragonlord Sect, heed my command – attack!