Horny Drips Sex Cravings


Warning: Mature Content "How do you feel?" He asked as he played with my breast. " I feel... I feel like I'm addicted to you...." I hissed in pleasure as he bit on my nipple. "Go on I want to hear it." He said in a low tone that made my skin heat up again. "You're a sin I can't fight against. You make me want more of you even when it's not right and it's toxic." I said almost whispering still trying to catch my breath. "And you love it even if it feels forbidden." " S-scott we shouldn't...." " Shhh...." He ordered as he stroked my wet clit with his fingers making me moan. "I don't want to hear more of your guilty confessions, I want you..." He paused and drew his face closer to my ears to whisper to it. " I want you to forget everything and just think about you and I and the feelings that comes with our body bonding in each other's heat." She is a stripper, entangled in the men's world. All she ever wanted was to have lots of money, a successful career and lots of men to satisfy her sinful desires. Her name is Thea, flip through the pages of this book to find out how she lives out her erotic fantasies and the lifestyle of guns and men.


A sugar baby for the CEO


"I love your skirt." He whispered into her ear, his hands enclosing her on both sides of the wall. "Thank you." She said and suddenly jerked the moment he squeezed her butt. "You didn't even need to try but I love that you did." He kept whispering at the same time nuzzling her and toturing her with attempted kisses. "Don't you think you crossed the line today?" "I'm not sure I ...." Before she could deny knowing what he meant he pressed his lips against hers earning him the sweetest moan from her. He pulled away and peered deep into her amber eyes while she got lost in his honey looking ones. --- Matilda a 26 year old lady is at the verge of giving up on her career as a sugar baby, one night she locks eyes with a handsome stranger who turns out to be Andre, the youngest billionaire in the city. She is in need of money and he is in need of a new sugar baby. with iresistable attraction what could possibly go wrong except for little side threats waiting for the right time to strike. The obsession of an ex-lover? A connection in the past that could tear them apart ? Or the long lustful desire of a stepbrother who would stop at nothing to get under her skirts when the opportunity raises it's head.