Gracia Bonifacio


My Hot Doctor

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When I laid eyes on Dr. Drake, the most gorgeous doctor I had ever seen, I told myself that he would be mine. It was love and desire at first sight for me but he seemed to be not interested at all. With my perfect body and beautiful face, no man was immune to me. Even if the very rich and hot as hell doctor was indifferent to me, I would make him want me as much as I wanted him or more. It would be a battle between me, a very desirable determined female and a hot doctor who seemed to be just controlling his attraction to me.


His Lovely Obsession

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Nicholas Derick Alcantara is filthy rich, incredibly good-looking, arrogant and every woman's fantasy. Stacey Ledesma is sultry, extremely alluring and every man's desire. The real Stacey is very simple, a bit shy and never had a boyfriend. But because of her job, she has to act and look sexy. Because of his wrong impression of her, Nick planned to teach her a lesson. He hates her kind. She has a reputation of being a flirt. A virgin will be ravished by a sexy as hell Casanova who thinks the worst of her. She will fall hard for him and he will be completely obsessed with her.


My Clueless Enchantress (Filipino)

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*This story is written in Filipino language mixed with a little English. Shelly Fernandez is not really into good-looking men. Mas guwapo mas delikado dahil saksakan ng babaero. Jake Herrera is not only gorgeous but is also rich and powerful. He made it clear na gusto siya nitong maging girlfriend. What Jake wants, Jake gets..ito ang motto ng lalake. Can she say no to him lalo na if he'll even resort to blackmail just to make her his? Will she just be one of his conquests or will she be different? *NOT SUITABLE FOR MINORS* 2020 © All rights reserved