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Not Anymore

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Hurt and wounded, Fiona Johnson was born. Her identity changed, her kind heartedness learnt to be mean and she sealed off emotions until she succeeded in avenging her parents death and getting back her inheritance. Kindness is weakness,she concluded. Now she believed in giving to the world what it forced her to swallow. Pain and betrayals have a way of turning the meekest of men and of course women to become brutal, it's simply survival. This is the story of Fiona Johnson who used to be Isabella Manor. The story of her weakness to her strength and the triumph of bringing her enemies down on their knees.


Mommy, My Daddy Is A Billionaire

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After spending a night with a strange man on the day before her wedding, Arianna left the country to start her life afresh. The 22-year-old Arianna Jason lived her life pleasing those she loved the most, without knowing that she was simply a prey being nurtured for the day of her ruin. Her life has tasted the butter pill of betrayal. She wants to give back to the world what she's got but how can she change her good, innocent personality to fit into a cruel society and world? Can her sweet nature be contaminated, or will she make it through, paddling on the right path?


You Will Pay for It, My Heartless Husband

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The happiest day of any woman, is usually her wedding day, right? But it wasn't the case with Pamela Grayson. She sobbed before, during and after the wedding. It is difficult for her to comprehend why her parents would force her into a marriage with a man who is in coma, that doesn't have the slightest probability of ever coming out of it. But what can she do than to accept it? After all her sister had seduced her fiancé and was pregnant with his child. Her dowry was going to be used to sponsor an elaborate wedding for her sister and her supposed fiancé. But the most tragic part of Pamela's story was that the man she got married to was even more ruthless and cruel to her than her family when he came out of coma. He forced her to terminate their surrogate babies, he divorced her and severed every ties with her. But fate brought them to cross paths again. Now a princess, an heiress and the CEO of the largest cooperation in the continent: What does the future hold for the both of them and their quadruplets which Louis Hayden thought had been flushed away? A story of destined fate, Twist and mystery...