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Following the betrayal of her boyfriend and adoptive sister, Vanessa found herself pregnant without any knowledge of her baby's father. And five years later, she never deterred from her goal of finding her real parents. But her quest was interrupted when she met Alfred Whittaker, the president of G.I conglomerate and the most revered tycoon in the city. Not only did Alfred claim custody of her baby, but he also wanted her to marry him, to go against every logic she had ever constructed around herself. And as the path to achieving her dreams became narrower, she was left with no choice but to confront her fears; to marry Alfred. ~~~ As Vanessa navigates through life with Alfred, more contending forces stand in her way. What if the answer to her quest lies within his family? And what if those answers will the catalyst for the strength of their bond or its destruction?


The Billionaire's Surrogate

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Emily found herself in a devastating condition when her Dad fell ill. Her step mother wasn’t helpful and so was her step sister. Instead of finding a way to help her Dad, they made her life so unbearable and forced her to go raise money for the hospital bills. Emily left home in search of a job, She met a Billionaire who was so desperate to have a child but never wanted to marry. Emily agreed to be his surrogate, he paid her and she settles the hospital bills. But after she was put to bed, Emily never wanted to let go of the baby.


Married To A Monster, Saved By A Billionaire

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Vivienne Montague, The Renowned Actress's name faded from the entertainment industry a month after her marriage. No one knows she was facing hardship in the hands of her Husband whom she sacrificed her career for because of Love. But that was the biggest mistake of her life as her Husband used that opportunity to maltreat her. When a light shone her way, Vivienne was always saved by a mysterious stranger who appears and disappears anytime he saved her from the cold hands of her husband. who is he? she began on a quest to find him but that didn't go well with her marriage.