Life After the Storm


"Let me go, I need to save them please just let me go you fucking bastard I need to save them." Tears are streaming down my face my vision Just starts going blurry my heart shattered not even wanting to take a breath. "I'm sorry I can not let you go you can not save them they are already dead." I start beating on his chest like a maniac I'm so angry that he just won't let me try to save them he won't let me go I don't understand what has just happened. My life has just ended everything I loved it's now gone. How am I going to be able to move on without them? This isn't going to be a life I don't know what am I supposed to do. As I watch the car completely sink bubbles emerge from it nobody comes back up it just gone. I stand there cold and terrified, wishing that I would have died with them. Why would he save me, he doesn't even care about me? He loosens his grip for a minute I get out of it and I run then I jump over the bridge into the water wanting to save my family.


Want to Play A Game


So, I text him “Hey time to wake up sleeping beauty and start your day.” I am hoping he replies, I want to hear from him. I want him to want me as much as I want him. I then hear my phone ding. I jump it scares me at first. I go look at it and it’s him! My panties are getting wet just thinking about texting him knowing I am pathetic all at the same time. He then asks, “What are you doing up so early?” “I couldn’t sleep thinking of you made me frustrated most of the night.”  I start to delete what I just wrote, but hit send on accident. Oh fuck! He’s going to think I am a crazy person. “Really now that’s funny because I couldn’t stop touching myself last night thinking of you.” I am in shock. I can’t believe that he’s getting off to me makes me horny just thinking about it. I don’t know what to say. I do know, I need to start getting ready for work, but I want to know if he has a girlfriend first. So I text, ”Well what would your girlfriend think if she knew you where touching yourself to me?”


I Will Escape


  Sabrina lives what she thinks is an ordinary life. Besides the fact she is a werewolf. Sabrina was not raised in a traditional werewolf family. She was raised in the human world. Sabrina only knew of one other family of her kind, which was her best friend Tonya’s family. One morning she goes to school, only later to find out that her life would change forever. Sabrina is captured by the Devil himself. While he takes out all his revenge on her. Sabrina discovers a strength that she never knew she had. She finds a way to survive all the abuse that she endures. No matter what she never loses hope of escaping the hell she is living. She knows nothing about werewolves or their capabilities. She is blind to it all, never knowing her true powers. Sabrina fights to uncover the truth about her identity not knowing her whole life has been hidden from her. Will Sabrina find her true identity? Will she escape the hell that she is forced to live? Read and reveal all the secrets, pain and deceit Sabrina will face .