Daddy's Sex Pet 2

She began to fight it off from her mind. It would be wrong for her to get herself off by thinking about her step daddy. But again, she remembered her step daddy did stroked and cum upon thinking about her. That justification was enough to stir the idea of rubbing her pussy.

“But this is wrong. Totally wrong. Sandra, you have to stop!.” she was trying as much as possible to stop herself from moving her hand down.

She tried to force herself to think of something else. Something interesting apart from what she saw in her step daddy's study room. She doesn't know how or when, but after a while she drifted off to sleep.

The next day, Sandra woke up with strange feeling. Just as she never wished, her thoughts landed back to what happened last night. She tried to clear it off her mind immediately but it seemed impossible.

She got down from the bed and began her morning routine, quickly stripping out of her clothes to take a quick cold shower. She had fallen asleep in her white cotton pantie and looking at them on the floor. The fabric were still soaked with her liquid from sleeping with it and fantasizing about her stepdad all night, even though she hadn't given in, into the urge of masturbating.

After taking her shower, she took a good look of her naked body in bathroom the mirror wall. She guess why her step daddy would be attracted to her. She wasn't fat or skinny. She was a little over 5 foot with a nice figure. She had a pretty face and was well endowed in perfect places. She had a flat tummy which she got from running track through high school. Ever since she graduated, she hasn't been working out. She had gotten a lot softer, but more womanly. A lot of men had wanted her before she started dating Daniel.

At this moment, she had already forgotten about her boyfriend, Daniel. She was only thinking about her step daddy. It was pretty hard for her to ignore the growing sexual thoughts and feelings she was having about her step daddy. All through the time when she was in the shower, she fought against playing with herself with the thought of him.

“Gosh, he is my step daddy for gods sake! Why am I planning to do this? Sandra, you had been normal and your daddy had been perfectly normal. But was there any sign I had been missing? Had my step daddy been wanting me for a long time and I didn't just noticed it?” Sandra said to herself. With that thought, Sandra decided to experiment a little bit. She thought, “There was no harm in trying”

She grabbed her tight red tank top and wore them. She decided to skip a bra. She grabbed her yoga shorts and put on. Everything she was wearing were normal and okay apart from the bra she wasn't warring. She have a pretty attractive breast which dosen't fit the tight top she was wearing. Her nipple was poking out of the red thin top as if was trying to make a hole which she knew was improper but she decided to wear it.

She even wanted to wear something that is more sexy than the yoga shorts which was her micro yoga short but she wasn't brave enough to. There was still a little trace of doubt in her head, despite the evidence last night. She found herself Armstrong hoping that she would find more evident that her step daddy actually wanted her.

She tried to be casual as she was going down the stairs. She wasn't bordered about her mom. Her mom left for a conference that morning. It was the perfect time for her to figure out if her step daddy really wanted her and he if he did, how much he wanted her.

As she got to the kitchen, she found him standing opposite the gas cooker, preparing what he knows how to do best. She found him wearing a white singlet and a black sweatpants as usual. Sandra couldn't help but notice he did have sexy broad shoulder which she haven't noticed before.

Sandra began to wonder if she will see the outline of his dick in his sweatpants when he turns around. This thought made her nipples to grow hard, causing it to peak through her tight top. She knew that men's dick normally show whenever they wear sweatpants, especially those that have huge member.

Sandra let out a loud yawn to alert her present to her step daddy. He heard her and turned only to saw her looking at him.

“Good morning, my pretty Angel. How was your night?” Sylvester, her step daddy asked.

“I can say I enjoyed my night. What about you, Daddy?” Sandra replied with a smile and as he looked over to her, Sandra dramatically stretch her arms over her head, pushing her breast out. She noticed his eyes drift down to them, surely noticing her poking nipples through her braless tank top. His stare didn't last up to a couple of seconds and he swiftly looked away back to sandra's face, but she could notice that his face was a little bit red.

"I slept well. Breakfast is about to be ready. You can go and have a seat on the dining room.” He said and turn back to the gas cooker. He flipped the pancakes and added them to the stack before turning off the cooker.

Sandra was sitting on the dining room waiting for him before he started coming out. She saw him avoiding to look at her. She thought maybe he was avoiding to look at her breast. While he was looking away, Sandra used this opportunity to check out his sweatpants. Her eyes trailed down to his crotch, and there was a large outline. Sandra instinctively bite her lower lips as she saw had had a big one. Big and bigger than Daniel, her boyfriend.

With that naughty thought,Sandra looked at the butter , syrup and pineapple juice which was already on the dining table. Sylvester came over and drop the plates on the table and sat down opposite sandra's seat. They took turns putting and adding butter and syrup into their pancakes, while Sandra planned her next little test.

“what are your plans today, baby?" Her step daddy ask and Sandra began to cut her pancakes with her fork and made sure to deep it well in a large pool of syrup for good measure, ready for her next test. She brought the fork to her lips, and as she expected, a string of syrup landed on her breast.

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