Daddy's Sex Pet 1

"Ohhh! Shit!" Daniel groaned as he was about to cum. He could feel the familiar sensation coming up. It was just a five minutes sex and he was about to explode.

"Yes, baby! Harder!" Sandra screamed as her boyfriend, Daniel, gave a deep thrust into her pussy. At this moment, he couldn't hold it anymore.

Sandra was hoping he could go more, at least, for a couple of minutes but her hope crashed as she felt him depositing his seed inside her hungry pussy. She felt disappointed again. After offloading all his load inside her, he rolled off her with a satisfied sigh and collapsed behind her.

“Do you want a watch a movie before you go?” Daniel asked after catching his breath. Sandra agreed and cuddled up to him. She was not satisfied, but she was happy to be with him.

Daniel was the most lovely guy she have ever been with, but he has his drawbacks. Unfortunately, it wasn't the one that can be ignored, Rather, it was a big one. He can't satisfy Sandra. Sandra always finds herself unsatisfied and disappointed after each sex. This night was one of those times. Sandra found herself anticipating the sex, always thinking that night would be the night. She thought that the night would be the night he would make her scream and whimper in ecstasy, but it was all the same. Sandra dosen't like his dick size, coupled with the fact that he dosen't last long.

While they were watching the movie, Sandra was laying in his arms thinking about how much she loved being held. But she also thought about how it would be much better if Daniel had made her achieve orgasm. She always pretends to have orgasm so that Daniel won't feel bad. After an hour, the movie ended and she dressed up to go home.

Sandra pulled into their driveway and park the car in the garage. She carefully walks in slowly into the house so that she won't wake anyone up, especially her mother. It was late, so she knew that her mom would be probably asleep. Sandra was about to make her way up to the stairs when she heard a noise coming from her step father's study room.

Her step daddy, Sylvester, often lock himself in his study room at night for some quiet so that he could get work done fast. He normally works from home, but he's always busy at night with lot of work to do. Sandra's mom had already gotten tired of complaining that he always locked himself in his study room.

Sandra looked over and was surprised to see the door slightly open. She wanted go straight to her room as not to bother him, but this time she decided to see what was making the noise in the study room. She got closer to the door and saw him sitting on his chair, facing his computer screen. She saw that his eyes was glued on the computer screen as if he was checking something. As Sandra was about to alert her present and say hello, the noise coming from the room made her freeze in shock. She couldn't believe what she was hearing from his step daddy's study room.

"Oh daddy! Fuck me harder! Fuck me! Fuck your little stepdaughter's littke pussy. Arhhhh! Yesss!"

Her throat dried and her eyes went wide in shock. Her step daddy was watching a sex video. It wasn't just a random video, but a sex video of father and stepdaugther. Sandra's curiosity got the better of her when she crept a little bit closer to the door. Her step Daddy's attention was glued intently at the computer screen and she saw his hand moving, making a back and forth motion under his desk. Sandra did not need any prophet to tell her that her step daddy was stroking himself. With the manner he was stroking his dick, she could tell that he was about to cum.

“Fuck! Oh Sandra! Be a good girl and take my Cum in your mouth!" Sandra couldn't believe he just called her name. He started moaning loudly and even lean his head back. Finally he let out a deep glunt and she saw his hand slowing untill he stopped stroking. Sandra quietly sneaked back and made her way up to her room.

She was filled with shock with what she saw with her eyes. She laid down on the bed and started staring at the ceiling. And then it all hit her. She just saw her step dad masturbating while watching Daddy and daughter sex video.

She tried to nationalize that most people had all kinds of naughty kinks, and it didn't mean her step dad wanted to actually fuck her. She was trying to convince her herself, but she cannot ignore the fact that he actually called her name when he was about to cum. He actually called her name, telling her to swallow his cum in her mouth. She couldn't ignore that.

Sandra couldn't help but began to wonder about the one thing she couldn't see. She had wanted to see it at that moment, but she couldn't see it. That one thing was her step daddy's dick. She dosen't know why, she wasn't supposed to but she remembered trying to see his dick. She began to imagine how big it will look like and how much he had cum. But the most important of all of her naughty thought was how long he had been masturbating to the thought of her.

Moments later, something else she wasn't expecting was happening. The white cotton lace pantie she wore was getting soaked. It was obvious that she was turned on thinking about her step daddy stroking off. She wanted to clear the thought off her head but she couldn't.

“what the hell is happening to me? Am I really getting wet because of my step father? No, that's not possible.“ She said, but still her pantie was still getting damped. She had never thought of her step daddy in that way.

She desperately wanted to fall asleep and forget about all the things she saw. But even more desperately, she wanted to rub her fingers on her pussy.

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