The King's Reckoning

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Kairo Cox


When his daughter calls for help, Alexander Dudley, the Commander of the Northwest Army, leads his forces in a furious rampage to the city Lustin. With his mother brutally killed and his friend's family wiped out, his wife and daughter become his sole priority. Just as the strong has its fatal weak point, whoever harms his wife and daughter, is signing their own death warrant!

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Chapter 1 Save Me, Daddy

In the borderlands of Drarc, the horizon was marred with the smoke of war. A young man clad in blood-red armor stood with a sword in hand, surrounded by headless corpses. Battle-hardened warriors, fresh from the brutal clash, now fixed their eyes on this sword-wielding youth, their voices resounding in a frenzied roar.

"General Alexander Dudley, invincible! Long live General Alexander Dudley!"

The shouts pierced through the smoky haze, shattering the heavens above. It was as if the proclamation was meant to be heard by the world, signifying the end of a six-month-long conflict.

"Finally, I can go back home," Alexander Dudley muttered to himself, his gaze distant.

He was the supreme commander of the Northwest Army, the uncrowned king of the western borderlands. After this battle, he will be titled the true king of the northwest, the only one to receive such an honor in the past three centuries of Dreiw Glington's history.


At that moment, a shadow appeared beside Alexander in the blink of an eye, kneeling on one knee.

"General Alexander Dudley, the phone you had under surveillance just rang," the shadow respectfully reported. His name was Riley Black, commander of the Eclipse Corps, one of the five major legions in the northwest.


As he heard this, Alexander's body trembled violently, and a terrifying aura shot up into the sky, causing Riley next to him to be shaken. Just a phone call had caused General Alexander Dudley, who made the enemy armies of six countries tremble in fear, to lose his composure?

Ring! Ring!

At that moment, the cell phone in Riley's hand suddenly rang. He felt his vision blur as the phone appeared in Alexander's hand.

General Alexander Dudley had become even more powerful! Thought Riley with shock.

Alexander looked at the cell phone in his hand and suddenly felt somewhat at a loss. He took a deep breath and answered the call.

"Daddy? Are you Daddy? Angelica is so scared. Can you come save me? Mommy is gone. It's so dark here and they won't give me any food. They hit me too... it hurts... waaah..."

A young girl's voice filled with fear came from the other end of the line.

"Little one, did you dial the wrong number? I'm not your daddy. Have you met some bad people? Don't be afraid. Uncle can help you," said Alexander gently but feeling disappointed inside since she wasn't whom he was waiting for on this call.

"No! You are my daddy! Mommy said this is Daddy's number! Daddy, don't ignore Angelica. I'm so scared... please come save me… Ahh!! Don't come over here. It was my mistake calling you… don't hit me!"


The sound from inside of cellphone suddenly became chaotic as there were continuous angry cursing sounds from men mixed with screams for mercy from the little girl.

"You bastard, who told you to hide your cellphone?! If not for some big shot needing your eyesight then I would have already crushed you!"

"Ahh!! Waaahh!! Uncle I'm sorry… please don't hit me anymore… it hurts.. Daddy please hurry up and save me!"

Alexander clenched his fist tightly at the words. Although he didn't recognize the young girl on the other end of the phone, based solely on their brief conversation, he had already made up his mind to rescue her.

Breathing sounds came from the phone, and Alexander knew that someone had picked up the phone on the other end. He immediately spoke up.

"Friend, I don't care who you are. If you want money, give me a number and a bank account, and I'll transfer it to you. Please release the child."

"Fuck! Who the hell are you? Don't tell me you're Christine's man. What are you pretending to be? You disappeared for five years and now you think you're so great?"


In an instant, Alexander's body trembled, and a terrifying aura erupted from him. Riley, who was kneeling beside him, was directly blasted away by the force.

In the blink of an eye above the sky, dark clouds gathered and lightning flashed with thunder.

At this moment, everyone on the battlefield was shocked as they watched this scene, their hearts trembling with fear.

What was wrong with General Alexander Dudley? What happened to make General Alexander Dudley angry?

"Who are you?! Who is that little girl?! Tell me! Otherwise, I'll annihilate your entire family!"

Alexander gritted his teeth and growled low, his voice sounding as if it came from hell. At this moment, his eyes were bloodshot and his expression was terrifyingly fierce. He had a vague realization in his heart, but he needed more information.

"Annihilate my whole family? Come on, you idiot!"

"Beep beep!"

The sound suddenly stopped.


In an instant, Alexander's aura erupted once again, causing dust to fly around. A terrifying pressure instantly descended upon the entire battlefield.

At this moment, countless soldiers couldn't help but kneel down in fear.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!" Alexander roared to the sky, his voice shattering the clouds.

"Check it out! Find the location of his phone! Riley, get me the fastest fighter jet. I need to be in Lustin in the shortest amount of time."

Alexander appeared suddenly in front of Riley, his eyes bloodshot and filled with terrifying killing intent that shook Riley's mind and made him feel cold all over.

"Yes sir!"

Riley responded quickly before turning around and shouting at a group of soldiers, "What are you waiting for? Get moving! Let the Rosefinch Corps start up the Rosefinch I. General Alexander Dudley is going to Lustin. Hurry!"

In an instant, chaos erupted on the battlefield as more than a dozen tanks appeared before Alexander. Before they could even come to a stop, he had already jumped into one with lightning speed.

"Let's go!" Alexander gritted his teeth and ordered.

The tank roared off into action while on another side of the battlefield, a fiery red airborne fortress ascended into the sky - The Rosefinch I - a war machine that ruled over Dreiw Glington's airspace.

Even during this great battle, the Northwest Army had never used the Rosefinch I before. But now it was activated because Riley said Alexander needed it urgently.

Moments later, Alexander and Riley arrived at the Rosefinch I's control room where everyone felt the temperature drop rapidly due to Alexander's terrifying killing intent emanating from him; causing them all to shiver involuntarily.

"General Dudley, Lustin has been located. The Rosefinch I will arrive in Lustin in thirty minutes!"

A woman in a fiery red armor knelt on one knee. She was the leader of the Rosefinch Corps, one of the five major armies in the northwest, with the code name Rosefinch.

"Departure, be quick!"

Alexander's tone was low, and at this moment he was on the edge of eruption at any time. Those who knew him well knew that this was the prelude to his rampage.

"General Dudley, it has been located in a suburban area in the eastern district of Lustin."

Riley carefully said to Alexander.

"What are you still standing there for? Let's go! Hurry up! Why isn't the Rosefinch I moving yet? Are you all useless? Didn't you hear what I said?"

Alexander roared at Riley, his eyes turning bloodshot and terrifying, and two streams of hot tears instantly flowed from them.

Upon seeing this scene, Riley and Rosefinch were immediately frightened and their faces turned pale. They quickly knelt down in response.

"I dare not, General Alexander Dudley. The Rosefinch I has already been launched and is advancing at full speed!"

Their hearts were filled with shock at this moment. What exactly happened that could make the man known as Dreiw Glington's strongest cry? And what could make him not even feel the activation of the Rosefinch I?

But they knew one thing that Alexander was angry, and that little Lustin was about to change!

"Angelica, she is truly my daughter. Why am I so foolish? Angelica, Alexander."

Alexander muttered to himself, tears flowing from his eyes, as images flashed through his mind.

Five years ago, his mother died tragically and he was severely injured. He fled to Lustin and should have died from his injuries, but he was saved by Christine Washington, the daughter of the wealthy Washington family in Lustin.

Christine helped nurse Alexander back to health, tending to his every need. At the time, Alexander had just lost a loved one and was being pursued by mysterious enemies, leaving him feeling sad and hopeless.

But Christine's arrival was like a beacon of light that brought some brightness into Alexander's life. The two became inseparable friends who could talk about anything.

However, one day Alexander discovered that his enemies were back after him. To avoid putting Christine in danger, he left without saying goodbye. He only took with him the phone that Christine had given him - a number known only to her.

With deep-seated hatred in his heart, he joined the Northwest Army of Dreiw Glington because he wanted power and revenge! He fought countless battles over five years until he became the highest commander of the Northwest Army - feared by the whole country and its enemies alike as the King of the Northwest!

Throughout those five years, he carried around that little cell phone out of guilt for not calling Christine but also secretly hoping she would call him someday.

And then today came - when that phone finally rang!

It was from someone whom Alexander had never met before: his daughter Angelica who needed help urgently.

"Daddy," Angelica cried on the other end. "I'm so scared! They won't give me food or let me sleep!"

"They hit me too!" she sobbed uncontrollably. "Please come save me, Daddy! Please don't ignore me!"

Alexander remembered the fearful voice of his daughter, and his heart was like a knife, filled with pain and regret.

"Ah ah ah! Why hasn't we arrived yet? Useless! Speed up quickly! I need to save my daughter!"

Alexander roared, pounding his chest with his fists, blood spewing from his mouth.

He hated it! He hated himself for not taking the initiative to call Christine, he hated himself for overlooking some details when he was with Christine before, and he hated himself for not realizing that Angelica was his daughter at the first moment.

He remembered that during the drunkenness of that night, Christine had unintentionally mentioned to him that the girl's name would be Angelica and the boy's name would be Adonis.

Alexander kept pounding his own body, berating himself for his past foolishness. Why had he been so naive? How could he have overlooked those crucial details?

Christine gave birth to a daughter for him!

Boom! Terrifying rage erupted from Alexander as he realized that his daughter had been kidnapped, tortured, and that someone wanted her eyes. He thirsted for blood, ached to tear apart every single one of those scoundrels responsible.

In that moment, Riley and Rosefinch understood the truth from Alexander's words. Their bodies surged with a murderous intent.

Someone dared to threaten General Dudley's daughter!

The highest commander of the Northwest Army in Dreiw Glington, the only person to be crowned king in three hundred years, was known as the Northwest King who made enemy armies from six countries tremble with fear.

Who dared to harm General Dudley's daughter? Did they want to be punished along with their generations to come?!

Riley silently took out the communicator, and at this time, many generals of the Northwest Army were already inquiring about the situation.

Alexander was angry on the battlefield. All soldiers of the Northwest Army already knew about this matter.

"Someone wants to harm General Alexander Dudley's daughter, the target is Lustin! General Dudley has not ordered any military mobilization, so you guys handle it."

In response to the questioning of the generals, Riley spoke a single sentence. Instantly, the entire northwest battlefield was filled with a fierce and deadly energy!