The Arcane Disciple

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Blake Cole


In a realm where Martial Arts flourish, Caesar Barker, acclaimed as the supreme inheritor of the Mysterious Gates, embarks on his journey down from the mountain after completing his training. However, an unexpected mishap seals away his twin souls and five spirits, rendering him a clueless son-in-law for five years. Upon awakening, the unparalleled master, Caesar Barker, revels in the strongest brews, tames the most ferocious beasts, and each day unravels a life of triumphant reversals. Get ready for an exhilarating tale of redemption and conquest!

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Chapter 1: My name is Caesar Barker

"Caesar Barker, do you remember what I told you?" Elara Neal looked at the man in front of her, a bitter expression crossing her beautiful face.

This seemingly refined and handsome man, Caesar Barker, had been her husband who living with her family for five years. Unfortunately, he was a fool.

"Remember not to speak out of turn." Caesar Barker grinned and instinctively scratched his head.

Elara Neal sighed helplessly.

"Get in the car." Said she.

The car sped away on the bustling streets in prosperous Taso City.

Imperial Court Hotel was a brand hotel owned by Imperial Court Group located next to Taso City's busiest commercial street. Tonight's event at the hotel attracted much attention.

"The usually low-key third daughter of the Neal family is hosting her 23rd birthday banquet tonight and has invited various celebrities all over Taso City. I feel like something big is gonna happen tonight at Imperial Court." Someone whispered.

"She’s only 23 years old? I heard she got married several years ago and her a fool, her family found her the husband." Another person added.

"There have been rumors circulating within their circle that things haven't been going well for the Neal family these past few years, so they brought in an expert to guide them but ended up with a son-in-law instead."

The ride to Imperial Court Hotel was quiet.

It had been five years.

Elara Neal drove her car, her eyes filled with a wave of emotion as she glanced at Caesar Barker through the rear-view mirror. As usual, he sat motionless in the car, occasionally grinning foolishly.

Elara frowned. It was her 23rd birthday and also the fifth anniversary of her marriage to Caesar Barker. The car accident five years ago had led her to live a ridiculous life for five years, and tonight was finally going to end it all.

But suddenly, Elara realized that she didn't feel as excited about it as she thought she would be, especially when she saw Caesar Barker sitting in the back seat with his silly grin on his face. Caesar Barker would be kicked out of the Neal family and become a laughing stock throughout Taso City after tonight, but the smile on his face was still the same, so innocent and pure.

Suddenly, the car in front slammed on its brakes, causing Elara to do likewise before coming back to herself.

"Caesar," Elara muttered under her breath. "Can you understand me? After tonight I'll give you some money, you must hide it well and leave Taso City. After all, we have been in a marriage for five years."

As they got closer to Imperial Court Hotel, Elara felt an inexplicable sense of panic rising within her. She turned around only to see that Caesar Barker had already fallen asleep leaning against the window.

Elara tried hard to calm herself down but couldn't shake off this feeling of unease as they slowly pulled up outside the hotel entrance where security came over and opened their door.

"Caesar," Elara called out several times but there was no sign he'd woken up yet so she sighed bitterly before rolling down his window saying, "Let him sleep here for a while."

The security guard was stunned by her beauty as soon as he saw Elara’s face.

'She was as beautiful as jade.' He thought.

The guard felt like he had just seen an angel.

Subconsciously, he nodded his head.

At this moment, someone who had been waiting outside the hotel walked over.

"Miss Neal, the lord is already waiting for you."

It was Drake, the butler of the Neal family, who was talking to her.

Elara Neal nodded her head and subconsciously glanced at Caesar Barker sleeping in the car before following Drake into the hotel. This scene caught many people's eyes and their eyes lit up one after another. They all knew Drake's identity.

"Is that the Neal family's third daughter?"

"She’s so gorgeous. When I saw her just now, I thought my heart was going to stop."

"Then, is that man still sleeping in the car the Neal family's son-in-law who is said to be a fool?"

All eyes focused on him.

"What a fool. How can he sleep so soundly in such an occasion?"

There were laughter and jealous looks from afar.

Especially after seeing the beauty of Elara Neal, everyone agreed that this was a fairy flower falling into a septic tank. What no one knew was that at this moment, inside the car, Caesar Barker was sleeping soundly, and the jade pendant on his chest faintly glowed purple as a crack slowly appeared...

A voice came from inside the jade pendant.

"I fucking sealed myself for five years..."

With a snap, the jade pendant shattered. A wisp of purple light entered Caesar Barker's chest.

Inside a hotel room, Elara Neal stood in front of the sofa with two people sitting in front of her, one of whom was Damon Neal, head of the Neal family.

"Dad, Uncle Hugh."

Elara Neal spoke and glanced at the middle-aged man sitting next to Damon Neal. He wore a suit and had a cold expression. Elara Neal knew his true identity—he was an occultist with mysterious origins who specialized in feng shui and metaphysics.

"Five years ago, things weren't going well for our family. We were in dire straits until Hugh stepped in and found us a way out," Damon Neal seemed pleased as he smiled. "In these past five years, we've stumbled along but managed to overcome our difficulties. But Elara, it's been tough on you these past five years."

"In two hours' time when it reaches midnight, this marriage will come to an end." Daoist Johnson said. "Caesar Barker is destined to be intertwined with your fate. Despite his congenital defects, he carries strong luck which has helped the Neal family break through your dead-end situation over these past five years. I have read the fortune that once midnight strikes tonight, Caesar Barker's luck will run out."

When luck ran out so did the marriage.

Elara felt her heart pounding strongly as she looked at her father and said, "Dad, do we really need to make such grand announcements tonight? Can't we just let Caesar go?"

"I’m doing this for your own good. There are no secrets in the world, and there have been too many rumors about you in Taso City over the past five years. Everyone knows about Caesar Barker, everyone knows that the Neal family has taken on a foolish son-in-law. I also know that you've endured too much ridicule behind your back during these years. Tonight is your 23rd birthday, and you must dissolve the marriage with him in front of all the famous people in Taso and let him leave the Neal family."


"Isn't this what you've been waiting for all along?" Damon Neal stood up and continued, "You've suffered for our family for five years, and now it's time to end it with Caesar Barker."

A smile appeared on Damon Neal's face as he looked at his daughter.

"Do you remember Rowan Osborne? The first son of Imperial Court Group who has met you several times before? Recently, there has been a collaboration between our families, and he has hinted at his intentions towards you more than once."

At the entrance of Imperial Court Hotel, a luxury car pulled up smoothly.pull The hotel staff and security had received prior notice to stand neatly in two rows at the entrance. As soon as the car door opened, they greeted with uniform voices, "Welcome, Master Rowan Osborne."

The young master was Rowan Osborne, an outstanding talent in Taso City's business community.

Rowan Osborne smiled and nodded his head as he stepped out of his car but was surprised to see so many people gathered outside.

"Mr Clayton," Rowan addressed a middle-aged man standing nearby with hands clasped behind his back.

Kelsey Clayton instinctively glanced towards another car parked beside them whose window was still open.

"Who is inside?" asked Rowan curiously.

"That would be Miss Elara Neal’s husband, the rumored fool son-in-law." Kelsey Clayton replied promptly.

Rowan narrowed his eyes slightly upon hearing this information while picturing an enchanting beauty within his mind before taking steps forward towards the car.

Many people watching this scene held their breaths.

One was Taso City's pride, an outstanding young man, while the other was the Neal family's son-in-law, who happened to be a fool. These two individuals should not have had any intersection, but now the dim-witted son-in-law of the Neal family was sleeping outside the Imperial Court Hotel.

"Wake him up," Rowan stopped in his tracks and smirked.

Several people approached and opened the car door.

"Hey, wake up."

"Come out, Mr Osborne is looking for you."

A security guard even pushed Caesar a few times but he didn't react at all.

Laughter erupted from all around them. It was a joke that the son-in-law of the Neal family slept like a log outside of Imperial Court Hotel.

The security guard got off the car and looked helplessly at Rowan who had an amused expression on his face before turning away. He couldn't believe he even wanted to talk to a fool.

'It's a complete loss of identity for me.' He thought to himself.

Just as Rowan Osborne turned to leave, a voice suddenly called out from behind him.

"I'm Caesar Barker." The man said with an innocent smile on his face. "What can I do for you, sir?"