Rejecting Your Rejection

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"I, Dante Hernandez Alpha of the Crimson Pack, reject you, Queen of Barbosa." he smirks at her. "And I, Daniella Maynard, reject your rejection, King of Narcissism.” Dante Hernandez, the cruellest and the cruellest and the most fearless Alpha of Crimson Pack, reject Daniella Maynard when she was fifteen years of age. His mate who has a really hard past and was almost on the brink of death when her brother-in-law came to her rescue and took her away from her pack. Daniella was barely surviving from her demons when Dante shows up and rejected her instantly without explanation of her knowing that he was her mate. What really hurts the most is when he compares her to his chosen or ex-mate, just like everyone in her past. Five years later and they met again, will Dante still do the rejection or will it be the other way around?


Friend and A Mate

"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one."

- C.S. Lewis

It was the first meeting of the Crescent and the Crimson pack after years of going to war with each other. A feud started over a simple dispute of their land that the council could have resolve yet they couldn’t even solve it. As from that small disagreement, things became hectic between the two Packs and this all happens with the third generation. From then on wars were wage against each other.

When it comes to the 10th generation things were beginning to settle between the two rivals and a treaty was set up for the two packs. Yet it wasn’t for very long as the Beta of the Crescent Pack tries to rape the late Luna of the Crimson to one of the Ball hosts by the Council, turning everything back into a cold war.

Two packs were enemies of the centuries, both were fear, and both now run by two young Alphas who have come to an agreement to put aside their differences and settle on good terms. Both Alphas develop friendships at school behind their packs and eventually, they became best of friends.

When their time comes to take over their pack both Alpha decided that it was time to build bridges instead of walls between their neighbors.

The Crescent was the host for their meeting and the Crimson Pack run by the demigod in looks, demi-god in bed, and demi-god in wolves’ war according to the ladies' book was none other than Alpha Dante Hernandez.

He was the talk of the werewolves' world, like one of those celebrities in movies. The only Alpha who has no mate, and who usurp the rules of the council where all Alpha must have a Luna when they surpass their age of twenty. He also set his own rules without seeking help from them. Dante didn't care about a luna or girlfriend, one was enough, and having another one was a bad idea cause to him they were nothing but just a bond, mates means nothing but only a distraction.

His best friend Allen Beau Alpha of the Crescent was a total opposite from him. Their first encounter was when both boys were thrown in detention due to a feud over a girl. Where their senior's jock, son of another Alpha mistook Allen for Dante when he looks for the junior who has banged his cheery girlfriend. They were bullying him near the bleachers when the jock realize they got the wrong guy as his girl was straddling another guy behind the far corner which was none other than Dante.

The fight got dirty with the jock and his minions ending up in the hospital. From there on Allen always tries to stick with Dante who had not only to save him from that one event but from other bullies. Allen still makes friends with him even though Dante was hard to be friends with. In the end, both boys were best of friends after college.

Dante walks down to the staircase of his Packhouse, the house was occupied by the Alpha, his younger sister Cora, his beta Jem and his Gamma Lawrence.

All members live in their own houses, nobody lives in the pack house, and if they come it's either on special occasions or functions for the whole pack. Their only guest who visits frequently and one person who was like their pack consultant was Jem's older brother Kyle who hasn't found a mate but has a girlfriend namely Clara.

Since it was their first time signing a treaty everyone was outside the house wishing their Alpha all good lucks except for Kyle who went on a vacation with Clara. When they bid him good wishes he got into his car with his undercover secret warriors along with his Beta Jem and Gamma Lawrence.

They all set off to their neighboring pack the Crescent. The distance wasn't far so they arrive there on time greeted by none other than his best friend. Allen gave out his right hand which he shook in return and they all went inside to discuss and settle their agreement.

Later on, it was dinner time, surprisingly everyone seems to get along, the dinner was served. He kept nodding his head to Allen as they both lost in their conversation, he was to ask Allen about his luna when he smells that scent again.

He forgot the years they last have seen each other, the year he last smells that scent. He pretended to listen to Allen while his eyes darted behind him to all the girls who came to serve the food.

He falls back to his chair smiling at Allen and once he looks to his left he saw her placing the food on the table in front of Jem then to Lawrence. He growls a little when he saw the boys eyeing her direction, she smiles back to them then she glances in his direction as if she just smells his scent too.

Her eyes found his then took the plate from in front of Jem and walk off with no second glance at him while his wolf hollow in his head 'mate'