My Homeless Billionaire Husband

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T. T. Thomson


I need my share of that trillion inheritance and give my wife and daughter a better life.

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Chapter 1: I Want My Part Now

At the McDonald's takeout window located on the ground floor of Shirefield Tower, the scorching sun overhead pushed temperatures over thirty degrees. Many people were queuing to buy ice cream.

A sweet and adorable little girl, around four or five years old, clung to a man's leg. The man was dressed in flip-flops and checkered boxer shorts. She cooed, "Daddy! I want to eat ice cream."

The man tenderly stroked the little girl's head and said, "Be good, Ivy. Eating too much ice cream will make you fat. Wait until we get home, and Daddy will make some for you!"

"No! I want McDonald's ice cream. You haven't bought me any in such a long time."

The man seemed to make a firm decision, intending to buy his daughter an ice cream. But after searching all his pockets, he only found two dollars. This money was for his bus fare back home, and besides, an ice cream cost five dollars, which he didn't have enough for.

Paul Grant put the money back into his pocket and gently persuaded his daughter, "Ivy, Daddy didn't bring enough money. We'll wait for Mommy to come out from the courthouse, and then she can buy it for you, okay?"

"Okay!" The little girl's eyes sparkled with anticipation. Then she asked in her childish voice, "Daddy, when can we move back into our big house now that it's sold?"

"Very soon! As soon as Daddy finds a job, we'll quickly earn money and buy back our big house."

Just as Paul Grant finished speaking, an older woman with short, permed hair in her fifties shouted at a stylish woman next to her, dressed in an OL suit, tall and beautiful. "Louise, did you see that? Grant can't even afford a few dollars for an ice cream for his daughter. Why do you keep such a useless man around? Your company is facing bankruptcy, you've sold the car and the house, and this useless man is still eating your food, wearing your clothes, and living in your house. When will this end?"

"Mother! Why say these things in front of the child?" Louise Murray looked upset and displeased.

"If you divorce this man, I'll give you the 800,000 for your lawsuit. Otherwise, don't call me Mom!"

Louise Murray responded with a pained expression, "Grandfather arranged this marriage before his death, and you and Dad also agreed. Now that the child is so big, what can I do?"

"Your grandfather is already dead, isn't he? My daughter is so beautiful, there will be no shortage of suitors. Once you divorce him, there will be several wealthy families waiting in line to marry you."

"Mother! Paul Grant is looking for work. People can change. I believe in him."

Louise Murray's mother snorted and said, "If you don't divorce this boy, Paul Grant, get ready to go to jail! Mr. Murray, let's go!"

Louise Murray's father, a henpecked man, sighed and followed his wife.

Louise Murray squatted on the ground, covered her face, and began to cry.

Paul Grant, holding his daughter, walked over to her and gently comforted, "Louise, don't cry! So many people are watching. Let's go home."

"Home? Do we still have a home?" Louise Murray raised her tear-streaked face and said quietly.

"Although the rented place is a bit small, as long as we're together, anywhere can be home."

Louise Murray wiped her teary cheeks and said to Paul Grant, "You take the child and go home first. I'll go and borrow some money."

Paul Grant handed their daughter to Louise Murray and said, "You've borrowed from everyone you could, and now we've even sold the house and car. Your mother said it just now, if you can't come up with the 800,000 to compensate Keets Investment, you're at risk of going to jail. Let me go and borrow money from my friends."


Upon hearing Paul Grant's words, Louise Murray laughed as if she had heard a ridiculous joke, "Paul Grant, who are your friends? Oh, I almost forgot, you do have a good friend Zac. But he's just a… What, construction worker? How could he have any money to lend you?"

"I'll find a way to borrow the money!"

Ignoring Louise Murray's ridicule, Paul Grant, in his flip-flops, gradually receded into the distance. Louise Murray, feeling as if her strength was drained, held her daughter Ivy and wept bitterly. For the sake of this family, she had been working hard in the business world like a man. Yet, her own man lacked ambition. If it weren't for Louise Murray's grandfather, who insisted on letting Paul Grant, a poor boy, marry into the Murray family, she could have married into a wealthy family with her beauty, living an enviable life as a wealthy wife.

Louise Murray still couldn't understand why her late grandfather insisted on marrying her off to Paul Grant.

"Mama, please don't cry," Ivy pleaded.

Louise Murray tightly held Ivy in her arms and said softly, "It's Mama's fault. The company has gone bankrupt, and we've lost our big house. Ivy, I'm sorry."

Ivy comforted her, wiping away the tears from her mother's cheeks, "Mom! Don't be sad. Ivy doesn't want to live in a big house, just to be with Dad and Mom. Also, Dad said he would work hard to earn money so that we can move back into our big house."

Louise Murray was stunned for a moment and thought to herself, "If that useless man was reliable, how could I have ended up in this situation today?"

Louise Murray had started a packaging design company. When the business was good, Grant naturally had money to spend and could be a stay-at-home husband. But now, Louise Murray's company suddenly faced a trademark infringement lawsuit. The old clients who had cooperated with her company also terminated their contracts one by one. They sold their house and car, but it still wasn't enough to pay off the debts. They still owed eight hundred thousand.

Paul Grant walked through several streets and eventually sat down in a place where there were no people. He took a deep breath and blankly stared at his phone for a while. After lighting a cigarette and thinking for a while, he seemed to make a big decision and muttered to himself, "No! I cannot let Louise and Ivy suffer!"

After saying this, Paul Grant threw away the rest of his cigarette, stomped it out strongly, and dialed a number he hadn't called in a long time.

"Mitt, it's Paul Grant!"

"Oh! You finally found your conscience and decided to call me?" Mitt Johnson replied cheerfully.

"Tell my father that I want to split the property and take what is rightfully mine."

Mitt Johnson was shocked and remained silent for a while before saying, "Master Paul, think carefully! If you split the property, you will completely lose the family inheritance. This will benefit your brothers!"

"I've thought it through!" Paul Grant answered resolutely.

"Then come to my house now. I will report this to the old man and get the accountant to calculate your rightful share as soon as possible."

"Thank you, Mitt!"

After hanging up the phone, Mitt Johnson immediately dialed another number and reported, "Sir, Master Paul wants to split the property."

The person on the other end of the phone was silent for a long time before saying, "Give it to him, Mitt! And give him his mother's share of the property as well. Ah! In this life, the ones I, Flynn Grant, owe the most to are them, mother and son."

"But weren't you hoping Master Paul would inherit the family business?"

"This is also a form of protection and training for him. I trust my instincts! Also, in addition to the money, give him the family's properties in the three eastern provinces. I will get Qiu Ying to sort this out for you within ten minutes."

"Alright, sir!"

Just as Mitt Johnson was about to hang up, the voice on the phone added, "Mitt, help Paul as you helped me in the past!"

"Don't worry, sir!"

Twenty minutes later, Paul Grant appeared in a grand mansion. The owner of the mansion was Mitt Johnson, a famous tycoon in Shirefield.

In Mitt Johnson's room, he handed a stack of documents to Paul Grant. He said, "Master Paul, the old man has agreed to your request to divide the family property. These are the group shares that you and your mother are entitled to. Together, the two of you hold 11.5% of the group's shares. The old man said he would give it to you in cash and in properties. Besides giving you all the family properties in the eastern three provinces, he should also give you 10,087,658,626 dollars and fifty-two cents."

Paul Grant glanced through the documents, which were full of difficult-to-understand financial reports and analysis. He threw the materials on the table and said to Mitt Johnson, "Mitt, there's no need to look at it! Please help me with the handover as soon as possible! Louise and the child are waiting for me at home."

"All you need to do is sign these documents! Master Paul, have you thought this through? Once you sign, it will mean that you have no connection with Spring Land Capital anymore."

Paul Grant took the documents from Mitt Johnson and quickly signed his name on several pages. He said to Mitt Johnson, "I don't care about inheriting the family's assets. I just want my mother to survive!"

Mitt Johnson sighed, "Ah! Master Paul, so many years have passed, can't you let go?"

"Mitt, that's my mother! I watched her die in front of me, while my father, that old thing, enjoys his life with those vixens. Do you think I should forgive him? As a son, I cannot!"

"But he is still your father after all!"

"What about my mother?" Paul Grant looked displeased and retorted to Mitt Johnson.

Mitt Johnson shook his head, as the saying goes, 'even a fair judge finds it hard to settle family disputes'. He didn't know if he would see Paul Grant and his father resolve this knot in his lifetime.

"By the way, how are things going between you and Mr. Murray's daughter?" Mitt Johnson changed the subject and asked Paul Grant.

Paul Grant frowned and said, "Louise's company is in trouble. I suspect someone is sabotaging her company, Mitt can you help me look into it."

Mitt Johnson chuckled, "Master Paul, just tell me what you need in the future. Now, all the family properties in the eastern three provinces are yours. I have parted ways with Spring Land Capital and am now working for you."

"Mitt, I will not treat you badly!"

Mitt Johnson gave a faint smile, "I'm not lacking money. I just hope to see you bounce back."

Paul Grant said to Mitt Johnson, "Mitt, transfer one billion to my bank account first, and then fill this bag with one million in cash for me. Manage the rest of the money for me, keep it for the company's operations! I won't disappoint you." After saying this, he turned and left Mitt Johnson's mansion.

After Paul Grant left, Mitt Johnson called Flynn Grant.

"Sir, Master Paul has signed."

"What did he say?"

Mitt Johnson said, "Master Paul is still brooding over his mother's matter!"

"Ah!" Flynn Grant sighed, "Mitt, if one day I am controlled by those people, tell Paul the truth."

"Sir, you're not going to confront them, are you?"

"That's my business, you just do as I tell you!"