Jacob from the Dark Realm Returns

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Hollie Lee


Jacob, the Emperor of the Dark Realm in the universe, found himself incarnating on earth as a live-in son-in-law who had married a beautiful wife when he woke up... In short, this is a story about Jacob’s adventure in modern city.


Chapter 1: Son-in-law by Adoption


Jacob Reyes was woken up by a scream. He opened his eyes and saw a lady, a pretty lady.

She was disheveled, and her fair and silk-like skin came into Jacob’s eyes.

Jacob was slapped in the face before he could carefully appreciate the beautiful lady beside him.

The lady, who looked angry and shy, shouted to Jacob like a frightened rabbit, “How dare you do this to me! My sister wouldn’t forgive you!”

Her sister wouldn’t forgive me? Jacob thought to himself, as he had no idea about what was going on right now.

He was the Emperor of the Dark Realm and was unbeatable in the whole universe for hundreds of years. Who would ever have the sack to speak to him like this?

A flood of memory rushed into Jacob’s mind right before he could react to the woman. Suddenly, his head was spinning.

Here... was Earth?

Was I resurrected? No, exactly... I wasn’t even dead?

Jacob was at a loss of thoughts and the last moment in his memory was about the scene that he was attacked by ten Lords of Planets and perished together with them fighting for his Chaos Pearl.

And now? He was resurrected to the Earth, to a man with the same name as his, and this man was a son-in-law by adoption to the Harris family.

Even worse, it seemed that his family status was a little bit low.

The lady in front of him was the sister-in-law of the original owner of this body!

“Bastard! I’m going to kill you!”

Hayley Harris was extremely irritated and wanted to strangle Jacob when she was aware that she probably surrendered her virginity to this coward and he seemed to be not shameful at all!

Jacob frowned as he was enraged by the lady. A trace of killing intention flashed across his eyes, but soon he went back to normal.

He took Hayley’s hand and said genuinely, “I did nothing to you. Do you feel uncomfortable? Or I would truly do something now?”

Hayley was frozen to the stance.

When did Jacob become so bold? How came that he even dared to speak to her like this?

To be honest, she really felt nothing uncomfortable.

Hayley relaxed herself and found her hand still being held tightly by Jacob.

And she noticed Jacob’s last sentence. Hayley was so angry that she slapped on Jacob’s face with another hand.

This time Jacob stopped her, and said coldly, “I hope there won’t happen again!”

“And, I have no interest in you!”

Jacob was the Emperor of Dark Realm, the No.1 villain in the universe. He had the most gorgeous women from all planets, so, as for a normal beauty on Earth, there was no doubt that he felt nothing for her.

“You are so...”

Jacob’s words exploded Hayley, this coward used to peep at her and now he said he felt nothing for her? It was even worse than he saw her naked body just now!

“Why? I could give it a thought if are interested in me and want to have sex with me.”


Hayley sat there with her eyes widely open. She couldn’t believe that this coward, who joined her family as a son-in-law by adoption, would flirt with her and spoke to her like this. It seemed he was not the man she knew before.

The hotel door was opened right at that moment.

“You bastard! Let go of Hayley!”

An elegant woman in her middle age rushed in and said, “Jacob, did our family do anything to you? Now that you married Kaley, why did you defile Hayley’s virginity! How can you act like this?”

“You joined our family three years ago when my husband was ill and our family needed some joyful thing to balance the misfortune, but my husband became vegetative on your wedding night! It had been three years. We offered you food and accommodation, and treated you well, how can you do this to us?”

Jacob grinned grimly at the woman who scolded at him.

According to the memory he just received from the original owner of this body, this woman named Fiona Carter, was his mother-in-law.

And she was always mad at him no matter what he did.

Following Fiona was his wife, Kaley. She was young and beautiful, with an indifferent look on her face; by the way, she was one of the most gorgeous women in the Riverside City.

“Hi, mom, Kaley, I bought Jacob a drink last night because I wanted to make peace with him, but he made me drunken and brought me to this hotel! My virginity would have been taken away if I hadn’t woken up early! Kaley, you have to do something for me!”

Hayley escaped from Jacob and cried into Kaley’s arms, and she even forgot to scold Jacob for his rudeness. Her voice was a little miserable, and sounded heart-breaking.

Jacob watched the three women messing around, and glimpsed at his wife.

She was graceful.

She was beautiful.

She had a perfect shape.

Although Jacob had seen all types of beauties, he couldn’t help peeping at her.

But he peeped only for a moment.

“Do you have any explanations?” Kaley stared at Jacob and asked unconcernedly.

Jacob was silent with a grim smile.

It was interesting, to be honest, really interesting.

He resurrected to Earth, and the first thing happened to him was being cheated by his wife’s family. They wanted to frame against him by making up a story!

However, Kaley thought Jacob’s silence meant he agreed to what Fiona and Hayley said.

Tiredness and disappointment showed up on Kaley’s face.

“Did you know? Although you have a weak character and don’t have a job, I never looked down on you, because I know you are a good man.”

“although I never had sex with you, I never wanted to divorce you. I would even persuade myself to be a good wife if you begin your career.”

“But you disappointed me. You can find a street hooker if you like; I won’t blame you on that. But looking at you, you raped my sister! Look at what you have done!”

“Jacob, let’s get a divorce.”

She was tired.

What Kaley said really shocked Jacob.

He never expected she would speak like that.

He could definitely tell that she was telling him her inner thoughts and feelings, but not acting.

However, it didn’t matter whether she really meant it or not. A divorce was good for him to practice magic, because she would be a trouble. Jacob thought.

He wanted to practice magic alone, leave the Earth and go back to the universe as soon as possible.

So Jacob explained nothing, just nodded and said, “OK.”

Kaley hadn’t expected Jacob would be so indifferent to this.

However Fiona and Hayley looked at each other and felt delighted.

They could finally drive this coward out of their house.

It was worthwhile that Hayley used herself as bait and acted for a whole night. But she still felt angry that Jacob saw her naked body.

“Since you were once my wife, I have to tell you as a reminder, you are sick.” Jacob looked at Kaley and said to her.

Kaley was puzzled. She thought Jacob would negotiate the divorce with her. She never expected he would curse her.

But Hayley, standing beside Kaley, got irritated right away.

What a scrum! What a coward! How dare he?

Before Hayley started yelling, Jacob said, “Yes, you are extremely sick.”

Kaley looked angry this time, so did Hayley.

“You are suffering from irregular menstruation and endocrine disorder; they are harmful to your body.” Jacob said.

Kaley was shocked. She was under great pressure developing new product for her company. She never had a regular menstrual period these years, and she was very painful every time during menstruation.

And recently she was suffering from insomnia and exhausted. She went to the hospital, and was diagnosed as endocrine disorder.

But how did Jacob know this?

Although she was his wife, they never slept together, so there was no chance for him to know such personal things about her.

“It’s due to the absence of love, you need a man.”

Jacob paused and said with a low voice.

Among four of them, Fiona had such experience; she certainly knew what Jacob indicated. Kaley and Hayley understood him a moment after.

“You bastard!” Hayley stared at Jacob with an annoyed look on her face.

Kaley frowned and whispered, “Were you blaming me on not having sex with you?”