HOT MAFIA (season 1)

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(21+) Michele Lazzaro Riciteli, the most sadistic and feared Mafia Boss in Rome. His handsome and cool appearance makes this 30 year old man very charismatic. But behind all that, Michele suffers from a rare disease. A disease that makes him unable to feel pain even though dozens of bullets are lodged in his body. Not only that, this man with a tall, stocky posture cannot experience orgasm when having sex with women. The disease made him frustrated and become a cold-blooded killing machine. At a party, Michele was involved in a one night stand with a woman from Virginia named Meghan Crafson. He was very surprised because he could feel an orgasm while making love to Meghan. The next day Michele ordered his men to find and kidnap Meghan. What will happen next? Who is Meghan, and why does Michele want to kidnap her?

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Chapter 1 - The Most Sadistic Mafia Boss

"Sir ..."


The groan of pleasure came from the thick lips of a woman who was kneeling on the floor.  Her round eyes rose to the handsome face of the man who was sitting on the sofa right in front of her.

Her ten fingers held the man's manhood.  Occasionally he rubbed and massaged it slowly, then put it back into his mouth.

"Do it properly and don't let any liquid go to waste. Do you understand, Bitch?!"

The naked man bullied the woman who was kneeling in front of him.

His eyes bulged red and his jaw tightened tightly.  It had been almost an hour since the woman had been playing with hers.  However, he didn't feel anything.

What bad luck!

What it was like, he didn't know.  Even though he had paid many women, none of them could make him feel the pleasure he was looking for.

The woman raised her eyes.  He looked at the handsome face of the Turkish-Italian half-breed in front of him now.  He is too perfect like a Greek God, but his nature is not much different from a wild devil.

Michele Lazzaro Riciteli, prince of the Riciteli Mafia family which is famous throughout Rome-Italy.

After his grandfather, Francesco Riciteli died, inheritance rights and all Mafia connections fell into his hands.  He is only 30 years old and he looks very charismatic as the boss of the Mafia gang in the city.


The woman groaned.  Her face gradually turned pale as the hard rod in her mouth felt like it was expanding and was about to explode.  He couldn't stand it and wanted to let it go.

However, Michele roughly grabbed the woman's red hair.  He pressed and forced her to swallow all the liquid that came out.


The woman vomited the remaining liquid onto the floor.  It even hit Michele's leg.  As a result, the man became angry.  He immediately grabbed the woman's jaw with his devilish gaze.

"How dare you dirty my feet!"  growled Michele with fiery eyes.

The woman was nervous with wet eyes. "Sir, I'm sorry. The liquid was too thick and a lot. I couldn't swallow it all," she whispered in fear.

Still with her face filled with emotion, Michele got up. "That's none of my business! I've already paid you! You're really lame!"  he snarled as he threw the woman until she fell onto the sofa.

"I-I'm sorry, sir."  The woman tried to get up and backed away in fear when Michele approached.

Mafia Prince Riciteli, with his naked body standing in front of the woman.  He stared at him sharply.  It was no use paying Madam Rose so much, it turned out that even this woman couldn't make him have an orgasm.

With a lightning movement, Michele grabbed the gun lying on the table.  He then pointed the gun straight at the forehead of the woman in front of him.

The woman was very surprised and frightened.  "Sir, please forgive me. Don't kill me," he whispered through tears and his body trembling.

"You can't satisfy me. You're dead!"


The woman's eyes were fully rounded, with her mouth slightly open without making a sound.  Her innocent body collapsed onto the sofa instantly.  A bullet hole was printed on his forehead perfectly.  His eyes were still bulging when his body fell lifeless.

Hearing gunshots coming from inside the VIP room where his boss was, Sergio and two bodyguards rushed to check.

"Boss, what happened? Are you okay?"  asked Sergio with a panicked face when he entered the room.  They were shocked to see that the woman they had brought with them last night was lying on the sofa in a pathetic condition.

Michele was standing while closing the buttons on her shirt sleeves.  The man's face was calm.

"Quickly get the trash out of here," he said nonchalantly without taking his eyes off the silhouette that appeared in the standing mirror in front of him.

"Yes, Boss."

Sergio immediately ordered two bodyguards to take care of the woman's corpse on the sofa.  He didn't ask Michele much.

Sergio Lorenzo, this man has worked for Michele's grandfather for a long time.  Until the Big Mafia Boss became seriously ill and died, Sergio devoted his entire life to Michele as the next heir to the Mafia Empire left by Francesco Riciteli.

"Boss, Mr. Alberto wants to see you."  Four hours passed, Sergio met Michele who was sitting relaxed on the balcony terrace enjoying his cigar.

"What does that old man want to see me for? Is he tired of living?"  Michele responded nonchalantly.  His lips formed a faint smile when he saw a butterfly perched on a Jacaranda flower.

A little hesitant, Sergio answered, "It seems Mr. Alberto wants to see his daughter."

Still indifferent to Sergio, Michele got up from the sofa.  Throw away the rest of the cigar in any direction.  He rushed over to the butterfly he was watching.

The man was not at all interested in what Sergio was explaining.

"Gotcha!"  Michele managed to catch the butterfly.  His lips grinned slightly when he saw the weak creature trying to escape.

Sergio is still in position.  Even though this is no longer strange to him, the Prince of the Mafia, Michele Lazzaro Riciteli, is truly full of mystery.

Look, he is torturing the innocent butterfly, by tearing off its wings and then pulling off all its legs.

I don't know what the man wants.  Sergio saw Michele smiling so satisfied while torturing the helpless creature.

There are rumors that Michele not only suffers from a rare disease, but she is also a psychopath.

Ending people's lives has become his hobby.  In fact, he always carried a gun wherever he went, and kept it under his pillow when he slept.

"Let's go if you can! I've torn off your wings and taken off your limbs. Tell me, what can you do now?!"  Michele smiled with satisfaction while playing with her gun seeing that the butterfly was dying.

For him, butterflies are no different from the comfort women he has paid.  They suck and are useless.  Even though they are not the ones who are bad, they are the ones who are the problem.

Sergio just looked at him in confusion.  Why does Young Master Riciteli have such an abnormality?

Not only does she like torturing small creatures like butterflies, Michele also often cuts the arms of the servants in the mansion when she's bored.  Even shooting bodyguards for no reason.

He is not only a psychopath, but also a terrible monster!

Sergio was very surprised when Michele turned her head towards him.  The man's bluish eyes scared him.  He moved one step back as Michele approached.

"Say, is that stupid girl still alive?!"  Michele asked Sergio while playing with the gun in his hand.

"Still, Boss. However, it looks like he's dying."  Sergio was taken aback when Michele glared at him.  Did he say something wrong?

"Why isn't he dead yet?! I don't want Alberto to be with his daughter again. I hate seeing other people happy," Michele hissed into Sergio's face.

"If that's what you want, then we'll finish him off, Boss."  Sergio tried to stay calm even though Michele's sharp gaze almost killed him in fear.

"You've worked hard all this time, this time I'll take care of the girl. You go, call Alberto and tell him that his daughter will be sent home soon," he said, then stepped back from Sergio with a thin, scary grin.

Sergio took a deep breath.  What does Michele want to do to that poor girl?  He looked at Michele's strong back away from him.

"Good afternoon, Boss."

"Please come in."

Michele walked quickly into the room on the basement floor of the headquarters.  Two bodyguards opened the door for him and ushered him in.

The dimly lit room was welcoming, Michele stopped at a distance from several shirtless men who were surrounding a pool table.

In the middle of the pool table, a girl was seen lying on her back without clothes, with her hands and feet tied to each side of the table.  The condition is very pathetic.

"Give me the latest news," said Michele as she put a cigar in her mouth casually.

"That girl is no longer needed. The political people have formed a coalition."

A bodyguard rushed forward and immediately lit a match for the Mafia Boss.  Michele exhaled the smoke from her cigar into the air.  Then he walked towards the girl.

"We've slaughtered him these two days. He's quite tough," said a shirtless man standing nearby.  They're Michele's men.

"Is it true?"  Michele grinned slightly as she looked at the girl who was lying helplessly in front of her.

The girl's body was covered in bite wounds and cuts.  Michele smiled crookedly at that.

Three days ago his men kidnapped the girl from campus.  She is the daughter of Michele's rival party colleague Alberto.  They were only paid to kidnap him because of the political war that was going on between the two party camps.

Emily, an innocent girl, had to become a victim of kidnapping, confinement and sexual violence carried out by a Mafia gang.

He was only 20 years old, he almost died because of the torture he experienced in the last two days.

"Leave me alone!"  Michele ordered all her men.

"Yes, Boss."

Everyone leaves.  Leave Michele and Emily in the room.

The tall man with a tattoo on his wrist smiled sweetly as he leaned his face towards Emily.  The girl looked at Michele full of anger and fear.

"Poor girl. Before you die you have to know who the person behind all this is," whispered Michele into Emily's pale face.  His fingers stroked the girl's bruised cheek.

"Sir, please let me go. Let me go home," Emily whispered with a sad look.

Michele shook her head. "No, Sweetie. If you go home the gangsters will catch you. Your father has a lot of problems. He's the one who put you here," she whispered again.

"That's impossible," Emily whispered.

"Maybe, because your father chose his party over his own daughter. You know that?"  Michele hissed, then grinned slightly.

Emily fell silent in disappointment.  How could his father have made him a victim for the smooth running of his party.  He couldn't believe all this.

Seeing Emily crying, Michele started to get fed up.  Then he grabbed a steel wire from the pocket of his black jacket which wrapped around his athletic body.  He quickly caught the girl's neck.

"Aarkkhh!"  Emily was very surprised when Michele grabbed her neck.

He groaned as the steel wire strangled his neck so tightly.  He couldn't struggle, because his hands and feet were tied.

His wet eyes stared at Michele's face.  That gaze begged him to be given a chance to live.

However, the handsome Mafia Boss refused.  Her hands tightened around Emily's neck.

Emily's hands and feet stopped moving.  The girl's wet eyes glared upwards.

Michele's steel wire left a fairly deep scar around Emily's neck.  Fresh blood poured out from there.  He looked like an ox that had just been slaughtered.

"Go to sleep, my darling. Your job is done here," whispered Michele into Emily's ear.  His lips grinned slightly when he saw that the girl was no longer alive.

The Mafia boss immediately walked away while singing a lullaby to Emily.  He seemed very satisfied after killing people sadistically.