Bullied Billionaire

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In the lawless city, a young Allen discovers an ancient artifact that unlocks his hidden potential. With the power of the 'Revenge System', he becomes the superhero Allen, determined to bring justice and order to the corrupt streets. As he rises to the top, he must confront dark secrets and powerful forces that seek to maintain the status quo..




Allen walked out of the post office, where he had just gone to pick up a letter.

Out of joy, he had already opened the paper and knew the contents of the paper.

He had just gained admission into the top university of his dreams after excelling in his high school exams.

He wore a wide smile as he walked in the busy streets, heading home to prepare for the days ahead.

Fortunately for him, his acceptance letter came with a full scholarship.

Allen quickened his steps as he hurried down the road. He was on his way to break the good news to his beloved girlfriend.

Allen had spoken to his girlfriend before going to the post office to pick up his letter, and he knew that she was going to be glad he had finally gotten the acceptance to the university

Allen walked hurriedly, almost running.

As he walked, Allen met a group of boys approaching him.

He recognised them at once and slowed down.

They were the bullies in the town.

Allen had attended the same high school with the bullies and found himself in the same classroom with three of them, including their leader.

They had been a thorn in his flesh from the very day Allen entered high school till he graduated.

The bullies were all from rich families, and their families were well-to-do.

Back in school, they had better clothes and better learning materials than Allen.

They had the power to do anything they wanted and always got away with it because their parents were prominent people.

Allen ignored the boys who were approaching him and tried to walk past them.

The boys intentionally spread themselves and blocked the road.

Allen had no other option than to stop right in front of them.

“ Hey man, what's up?” The leader of the bully gang, Jacob asked him as he stepped forward.

Allen sighed, knowing it was another day for him to get bullied by these rich kids.

Allen remained quiet as he watched what was going to happen next.

Jacob looked at the envelope in Allen’s hand.

“ What's that in your hand?” Jacob asked as he pointed at the envelope and drew closer.

Allen glanced at the paper and looked up at Jacob.

He knew if Jacob got to know what the content of that envelope was, he was going to take it from him, and it was better to die than to let Jacob get hold of the envelope.

“ That is not for me, I was sent” Allen replied calmly and looked at Jacob.

“ That is not for you? I want to see what it is, now give it to me” Jacob mimicked Allen's voice

Allen knew it was about to get worse.

One way or the other, Jacob was going to insist on getting the paper, and he might be beaten.

Yet, if he handed over that paper, he would probably lose the scholarship because Jacob might destroy it.

Just as he was thinking of what to say, Allen heard a familiar voice behind Jacob's boys.

“ What is going on here?” The tiny female voice asked.

Both Allen and Jacob looked in the direction of the voice.

A young lady with black silky hair and a smiley face walked forward.

She was neatly dressed in a white gown and had a pair of glasses on.

The girl was very beautiful with a good shape and voice that complimented her beauty.

Jacob smiled widely on seeing the lady, but Allen frowned.

Allen saw the girl and knew that it was now going to be worse.

The young lady was his girlfriend.

Even in the presence of his girlfriend, he knew Jacob was going to bully him, and that was the worst thing he could ever face: being bullied in the presence of his own girlfriend.

Jacob was waiting patiently to see the romance between the two love birds before he would interrupt again and bully Allen in front of his girlfriend

“ Jasmine, what are you doing here?” Allen asked the lady, faking a smile on his face.

The lady frowned on seeing Allen over there.

“ I came to tell you something important,” the lady said as she walked closer.

Jacob was just watching the two love birds, waiting for the right time to get on with what he was doing and humiliate Allen in front of Jasmine

“ What is the problem, Jasmine? I was going to tell you something important, but first, tell me what it is” Allen asked Jasmine.

“ I just came to tell you that I want us to break up.

Nothing is going well with us in this relationship and I am fed up already, I am moving on with my life and I think this might be the last time you will see me, because I am going out of the country” Jasmine said with a straight face and made to walk away leaving Allen with no time to say anything.

“ No wait, Jasmine…” Allen said as he quickly grabbed Jasmine’s shoulder

Jasmine stopped in her tracks without turning around

Allen quickly walked in front of Jasmine and began explaining.

“ Hold on, Jasmine, please don't leave. I know, but everything is going to be fine I promise, please everything is going to be fine, I have just gained a…” Allen could not finish the sentence as Jasmine shoved him away gently and walked past him, leaving him to his fate

Jacob had a wide grin on his face as he watched the two.

Jacob’s boys were all laughing at Allen, who had suddenly turned into a little boy as he looked so pitiful

Allen had heard all the laughs but that was his lowest problem at that time, his main problem was that his beloved girlfriend was leaving him.

Allen tried to run after Jasmine, but Jacob quickly stood in front of him, preventing him from going.

“ Hey, hold it, where do you think you are going? I am not done with you yet, you pervert” Jacob said as he stopped Allen.

Now Jacob and his men were also becoming a stumbling block.

With a force of adrenaline, Allen pushed Jacob forcefully with all his strength, and he fell on his back.

Jacob fell hard on his back and stood up quickly. He was visibly embarrassed and angry about what Allen had just done to him.

Jacob quickly dusted himself off the dust and looked at Jacob with a sore red face.

Allen regretted his act at that moment. He knew from that moment that he had messed up and the worst awaited him.

Looking around him, he saw all of Jacob’s men looking at him with angry faces.

The faces of the men made Allen shiver at that moment.