The Supreme God of Martial Arts

1.0M·Wo Chi Mian Bao

Traversing back to the ancient Prime Martial World from modern age, Austin finds himself in a younger body as he wakes up. Yet, the young man he possesses was a miserable dimwit, what a bummer! But it doesn’t matter as his mind is sound and clear. Possessing this younger and stronger body, he will fight his way to become the God of martial arts, and rule the whole Martial World!


Daddy's little girl


Neko can be costume made for you, using science and some magic, but of course, it will cost you.Mila is made for royalty, she's a little girl at heart that needs her daddy love and attention. Dragons are the highest in the food chain. Ethan is a dragon prince and a daddy Dom, who's next to be the king. For his five hundred birthday, he gets a Neko.A little girl that will capture his heart and attention. This is a DDLG story. You've been warned.


Born Almighty Warrior

609.0K·Hua Luo Wei Yao

"Brotherhood? Clan? It is utterly ridiculous!"They had been bosom buddies, almost like blood brothers. The two young talented masters of Nan Clan enjoyed great respect. However, everything was completely different now.Ricky Nan was not a young talented master anymore, but a jerk in everyone’s eyes. All this was Nate's fault, despite their close friendship, right from childhood. Nate Nan, set as the successor of Nan Clan, now treated him like a stranger."Father, I will take revenge for you and get back everything we should have deserved!"


From Cellar to Throne: Zen's Quest for Immortality

1.0M·En Ci Jie Tuo

Falling from nobility, Zen Luo became a humble slave and served as a human punchbag for his former cousins. Inadvertently, he found a way to refine himself into a weapon and a legend started because of that. With a strong belief in never surrender, he strove for revenges and pursued big dreams.Warriors from various clans contended for hegemony and the world was stirred. Relying on the body that was comparable to a powerful weapon, Zen beat his numerous enemies on his way to the immortality. Would he succeed eventually?


Talented Martial Hero

376.0K·Meng Mian

In Lothlann Continent, talent in martial arts won cultivators respect.Darren Chu, a mediocre talent in martial arts, was deemed a loser by everyone. His status changed when a fireball fell from the sky and hit him on the head. He cheated death.Empowered with the ability to assimilate other creatures' talent, Darren sought to better himself and seek vengeance against those who had wronged his family, including his little sister."You will kneel in front of me one day," swore the future lord of martial arts.


Regal Guard of Dragon

932.0K·Deca Coda

"Young master, you must try harder to spend money! The family gave you the billion a month ago and you still have it now?" The heir to the first magnate as he was, Finn Chen felt so vexed that while others would only have to return to the countryside if they didn't fight, he would have to inherit trillions of wealth if he didn't marry into a woman's family. Life was too hard for this poor man.


Rebirth of the Prime Dragon Master

269.0K·Fei Xiang

Rocky Bai, a young and talented scholar in the field of gene study, ranked number one among his peers. While he was on the flight headed for the venue, an aircraft accident occurred right before he passed out. ...Rocky Bai is reborn!He saves a dragon and trains it in the Holy Dragon Empire. To his surprise, his dragon can cure disease and even bring people back from death.With the dragon, Rocky starts a new life. He is no longer a good-for-nothing, but an ambitious martial arts master and spirit manipulator among his generation.Let's join in their adventure!


The Greatest Martial Arts Cultivator


Survivors of the mysterious organization's ambitions. Yuan Liong made his own way in the Kangow World. Fight from the lowest point to become the strongest with determination. “Refund all debts of revenge and humiliation.” The Kangow World was full of cultivators who were greedy and wanted power. Fight, scramble, escape, cunning opponent, and various other obstacles. Meeting new people, searching for enemies, and getting revenge. “I will stand at the Peak of the Martial World!”

Soul MateOngoing



(MATURE CONTENTS) SERIES OF SEX STORIES This is a series of the most Erotic stories ever written. Hope you give this book a try because it will worth your time. The characters in this book are 18 and above. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK


Sex With Ghosts

1.0K·Ion Light

If you discovered you had the magical ability to rip images from the pages of magazines and make them solid real, who and or what would you bring to life? What would you do with these people? How would you explain them? Are they ghosts? Are they tulpas? Are they avatars? Like Midas, Jeremy Vale has been struggling with his ability and the nature of reality since discovering he can manifest people and things at will. His manifestations are crisp and clear, and they disappear the moment he sleeps. Alone, he has searched for the explanation that might allow him to permanently bring his parents back to life, until Tory Hicks, a self-professed witch, and a student of magic, decided to become his sidekick, and then, once again, all hell breaks loose.




Emma Richardson is a 17 year old girl who likes to party and get into trouble. Problem being, she doesn't care about school enough to go so she is homeschooled with a private tutor. His name is Professor Styles. Finding him down right annoying and obnoxious at first, Emma soon finds her self wanting more than an anatomy lesson on paper.

True LoveCompleted

Daddy Lucifer

779·Cassa Beer

I misbehaved. My knees ached from being planted on the aggressively cold floor for so long, but I would take the pain for as long as possible, if it meant gaining the Devil's forgiveness. I whimpered helplessly as the beast of a man pierced me with his cold eyes, ever so subtly patting his strong thigh twice. "D-daddy please-" My pleas were unfinished and went unheard as he continued to pick up the black paddle from his desk and roll up his sleeves. "Don't waste my time, angel." He muttered gruffly, the depth of his well matured voice making every fibre of my being to tremble. "Bend over daddy's lap and receive your punishment, princess." "Y-yes daddy." For her he'd slaughter a nation and drag many to Hell. The Devil has had his eyes on Vanessa since he met the innocent, untainted angel. His Angel. He'd do anything to keep her, to feel her impeccable skin under his impure fingertips, to kiss and stain the luscious lips of an angel with sin and to ruin her innocence and carve his name into her soul. And she's not just about to resist him. When an innocent, naive, little angel mingles with the step-father from Hell.


The Villainess Went Back Time


Maxine lived her life with difficulties since she was born. Everyone expected her to be the Princess because of the God's message. She struggled learning how to become the best leader in the future. Her family became distant from her for her sake. But one day, the Prince fell in love with the Princess from the neighboring Empire. Horrible and unfortunate things happened. The death of her five brothers and father stole her sanity. She stab the Prince and led her to her own death. She thought she was dead but when she woke up, she realized she went back time 15 years ago and now, she's inside her younger self. Will the history repeat itself or will she change the fate of her family?


Oh My Omega


Yuki is a sweet, naive omega who dreams of marrying an alpha and having a happy family. His dream is ruined when he gets raped by an alpha during an irregular heat. Seven years later, he has son and just when his shattered life is finally put together, he encounters the alpha from years ago. Will he forgive him and let him into his life or will he run away in fear from his past?

New AdultCompleted

Magistic Academy: School of Magic (FILIPINO STORY)


Magics? Powers? Hindi ako naniniwala dyan. Sa books at movies lang merong ganyan. 'Yan ang paniniwala ko NOON pero nagbago ang lahat dahil sa pagiging pasaway ko. Napuntahan ko ang lugar na para sa akin. Lugar na karapat dapat sa isang tulad ko. Ang eskwelahan ng Magistica. At akala ko pangkaraniwang estudyante lang ako na may ordinaryong kapangyarihan pero dun ako nagkamali. Dahil ako pala......ang nakatakda.


My Wicked Schemes System

6·Benjamin Obeng

Benjamin Reeds has lost everything in his previous life and is reborn into a new one with a unique set of memories. After Benjamin makes a deal with Vanessa, he starts on his journey of self-discovery and revenge. He spends years trying to uncover the secrets of the government's involvement in the weapon and the hidden agendas that led to his mother's tragic end. Along the way, he trains and gains new friends, including Sirens like Vanessa and other humans who seek justice. As they draw closer to the truth and potential conflict, they suddenly come under attack by a new enemy faction who seeks to control the weapon's power. Benjamin and his allies are captured, but their captors make a mistake of locking them up close enough to allow Benjamin to temporarily regain his beast abilities and break them out. Benjamin's focus on his quest for revenge takes a new turn when he discovers a supernatural power known as The Wicked Schemes System. Despite being overwhelmed and uncertain about his abilities, he quickly realizes that The System is a gift that he must master. With the system's new goals, he set out to defend the world against Wicked minded people. Along the way, he learns to control and develop his powers and makes allies who are also gifted with supernatural abilities. With his new team, he fights the Qilin and his minions in a series of epic battles, leading to a final confrontation where Benjamin will utilize the full extent of his powers. The Wicked Schemes system. During these series of battles against the Dragons, the kraken and the Qilin, Benjamin also learns more about himself, the extent of his abilities, and his place in this new supernatural world. Ultimately, Benjamin prevails and defeats the Qilin, the king of all supernatural creatures, but he realizes that there are countless other beings with supernatural abilities out there, and his journey is far from over.


My Flesh Magic System Volume One


A Doctor From the Philippines Was reincarnated in a world of Swords and Magic where he choses to be bestowed the power of the Flesh God. With these powers, he helps those in need weather it be by fighting for them or healing them.


Cruden Tale (Awakening Spin Off)


Leyanne Cruden is a very old yet powerful witch in present day who is dissatisfied with the world as we know it. An immortal who stopped ageing in her late twenties. She has lived through so much and lost so many that it has jaded her personality and she no longer knows if she is good or bad. A vision leads her on a purpose to find an awakening hunter who threatens the existence of all supernatural beings. Like her he's young, immortal and everything that can destroy her. His creation was purely for the purpose of wiping the earth free of supernaturals. To prevent this tragedy she must assemble a coven of mixed creatures and figure out how to avert the destruction of magic before it's too late. They do say that sometimes the one thing which is the worst for you is the one thing you want the most - Dante Torres, a hunter with the ability to end her life. She will need to let people in if she has a hope of succeeding, as even a witch as powerful as her can not do it alone.


Charm Academy and Special Abilities

1.0K·Drynx Wrnzyn

A girl with a special charm and abilities.A war for powers.You have to sacrifice for them to live.Welcome to Charm Academy where all charmers belongs here.

True LoveCompleted

Alphera Academy: Home of Alphas (FILIPINO STORY)


One word to describe her. Merciless. She doesn't care on what you feel. She doesn't care on what you were thinking about her. Killing is just a game for her and playing someone's life is her favorite past time. She doesn't believe in love or anything that makes someone happy. All she knew about happiness is taking away someone's life. She don't want to obey the rules because for her, she is the rule. You will never wanted to get along with her because she is dangerous, ruthless and a gangster leader. She's no other than Lady Arthisa. The bitchest of all bitches, the queen of all queens and the goddess of all goddesses."Wanna play with me? Make sure you'll win the game." - Lady Arthisa.