Sold To Alien Masters

5.0K·classic writer

After she turned 18, Ciara finally got out of an abusive home and life for her was just beginning to make sense. Her little world wasn't very exciting and perfect, but it was hers until late one night. After noticing a faint glowing light coming from around her back, she dropped her groceries and went to investigate and that was the last time she saw earth. She woke up suddenly in a new environment and realized she was naked. She fought for her consciousness and sanity, but it was already late. Who would save this earth woman sold into intergalactic slavery from her ruthless alien masters? Having been coerced. Betrayed, Abused and taken, will there be any hope left for Ciara? ********* Excerpt.... The men stood at my pedestal talking and occasionally looking up at me. The questions plagued my mind. Had Dark hair bought me? What would they want me to do? Were they going to eat me or beat me? SOLD TO ALIEN MASTERS is a 37 part steamy series. Enjoy ....


My Corpse Husband

47.0K·Lady Prim

Ella Rosemane was satisfied with what little she and her family had. But one incongruous incident shatters everything she had and kills the spirit in her.Stuck between being a widow and married, Ella finds the curse around her is embraced by a stranger who is anything but a stranger to her.


The Guardian Angel (The Guardians of Nine Heavens, Book 1)

546·Tamuna Tsertsvadze

Lily is the only person in Golden City who has no guardian angel, thus cannot be protected from any accidental harm. As a result, no one wants to be near her or have her as a friend, because it might cause bad accidents around. However, Lily still studies hard in a normal school and wishes to enroll in Angel Host Academy - the institute where all strong hosts of mighty guardian angels study and have battles to hone their skills and receive prizes (which includes money), as well as the title of 'The Strongest Yearly Angel Host', in Yearly Championships. Lily's elder sister, Linda, whose guardian angel is the main archangel, Michael, is already a long time graduate and a legendary champion of Angel Host Academy. Lily is always regarded as low, so she wishes to prove her worth, no matter she has no angel. She strives to find new ways to call upon her angel whom she believes she possesses and tries to find the light within. Only later shall she find out, that light is not the only place to look for angels...


The Breed


A pack of shifters inhabits an abandoned town. Full of males and seeking females, they travel to other cities and take what they need. Renna and Brie find themselves abducted while jogging around the city. The pair end up being taken into a strange, abandoned town with other girls and distributed among the 'men.' What started as a nightmare gets exponentially worse as they soon realize that the men are not what they seem. Nobody can prepare them for what they are about to witness.




Just when Blake's world comes crashing down, he finds a pretty angel who would not give up on him no matter what. His ballooning weight has just led to him losing his job. His girlfriend has also broken up with him because she can no longer stand his flabbiness. Suddenly, he finds himself without a job, a home and the love of his life. Ella, a supremely beautiful loner, enters his life at the most opportune moment, stopping him from throwing it away at a bridge on a cold day. However, what the two do not count on is the feelings that will develop between them against all odds.


Dream Love

95·Eileen Sheehan

What happens when you fall in love with the fantasy man in your dreams only to discover that he's real... but, not human? That's the question that Gertie Hitchcock faced. Not only did her hot and sexy dream man show up in the flesh, but so did a lot of unexpected situations that included alien shape shifters and crazy lovers who stalked and kidnapped her! Can her Dream Love come to her rescue and save her from some seriously bad errors in judgement?HERE'S WHAT READERS ARE SAYING ABOUT THIS SIZZLING PARANORMAL ROMANCE THRILLER..."What a crazy, fun paranormal read...... A bit of sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, romance, suspense, and thriller all in one.""The plot is great and runs smoothly, there's enough to continuously keep me wondering whats going to happen next. "


Dragon Love

324·Eileen Sheehan

Sparks fly, secrets are revealed, and perilous adventures begin when Chloe helps Tristan escape.While on mission from inner-earth to the earth's surface, the evil subterranean meta-naturals intercepted Tristan's vessel. Taken to a laboratory run by a mad scientist, he is sedated and forced to participate in testings on himself and genetic experimentation.In the meantime...Private Investigator, Chloe Kennsington, in filtrates the laboratory while on a missing persons' case. When she discovers Tristan, the chemistry between them is profound. Here's what a few readers are saying..."Some books deserve more than the five stars allowed, and to me this was one of them. I actually read this book twice before writing this review. There was so many unexpected characters throughout this story that every time I turned another page I was caught up in it once again. This was a book that would surely entertain for hours..." "This book is a Dragon shifter romance...The plot was very different and I noticed mention of vampires from another of this authors book so that was interesting how she incorporated them together. (You don't have to read the other books) All in all a really great read with such imagination! I don't know how she comes up with some of the thing she does but it's amazing!""This book was NOTHING like what I expected. It is pure science fiction and fantasy in one. We meet humanoids from the earth surface, meta-humanoids, and inner-earth humanoids. It was truly a book that held so many unexpected things that I am going to have to read it a second time. I cannot think of a book that I have written a review about that I said I needed to read it again. We get to visit different types of shifters from wolves, to dragons, to vampires in this book. Eileen Sheehan definitely showed a devious side in this book with the things that happens, but at the same time, you see that romantic side show up in some of the things that happen. Enjoy the book. I look forward to rereading it again very soon!"


My Scythe-Wielding Husband


"Until death do us part." Those were the words that had clung in the recesses of Solene's mind as she stood at the center of the altar with her soon-to-be-husband. True that she had been favored by accidents since she was still a child and that probably, one of these accidents would end their marriage early if she weren't careful. Little did she know though, that when the vows were said, her groom meant it literally. Only this time, it had a twist. A spell-binding, delightfully-inviting twist.


The Griffin's Woman

11.0K·Zena Wynn

Isobel “Izzy” Ryan knew she’d regret accepting the last minute, all-expenses paid vacation offered by her best friend. A meticulous planner by nature, the word impulsive is not in her vocabulary. When a case of mistaken identity gets her kidnapped and taken to a shifter-only island called The Playground, she has no choice but to stay until the boat returns. Then she meets a sexy eagle shifter named Griffin. The attraction between them is immediate and intense. Will Izzy fight her cautious nature and indulge in a casual vacation fling? Or will she deem the risk to her heart to be too great?


In Another Lifetime

97·Francois Keyser

"You'll know her when you see her."Lark realizes what his father meant the night he meets Erin. The most beautiful girl he has ever seen in his life. It is love at first sight and Lark knows he wants to marry Erin who has captured his heart.But Erin's father has other plans for his daughter. He will not allow her to marry a commoner such as Lark and he warns Lark to stay away. When Erin's father discovers that Erin and Lark have ignored him, he resorts to harsher measures and Lark finds himself cursed to live forever seeking Erin in every life she lives.The only way the curse can be broken is with a kiss from Erin but the curse itself makes it a near impossibility for Lark to get close to Erin in this life or the next let alone get her to kiss him.Lark eventually gives up and resigns himself to a life without Erin but the universe will not be thwarted and no-one gets to turn their back on a curse. Centuries later, Lark meets a girl he believes is Erin reincarnated.The woman he believes is Erin knows part of his secret and fools him into accepting her as Erin reincarnated. She has her own goals and they do not involve love.Will Lark discover the truth and will fate bring him the real Erin reincarnated? Will they be together at last and will they survive the challenges thrown at them again even if they can finally beat the curse and be together?


Scary Night (Stuck In His World)


Meet Amelia, everyone dream girl but very stubborn. Her parents warned her never to go to the cursed house but she ignored it, she falls in love with the demigod she saw there not knowing he's a vampire prince called Dimitro. Halloween period was a perfect plan for her to go with her crew, she is desperate to find out everything about him.   " I had a dream, that I was stuck in an unknown place I never knew existed, it was a scary night for me"Now Amelia is stuck along with her friends and those she dislike in her lover's world meeting a bloody war.She thought the stories about vampires, lycans, witches and hybrid were fictional not until the day she got stuck, her chances to survive are now in the hands of her lover.After the red moon, lots of mysteries got revealed, Dimitro finding out from his father that he is an abomination, a hybrid.The enemy is closer than they think, many lives were lost, a lot of betrayal, hatred and love took place.Lorenzo, the alpha mated to a weak Lycan called Nora, also has the witch spirit in her making her a hybrid, her pregnancy brought a great threat.Who could be the traitor and enemy?Will love be enough to save the five kinds and can they ever be united?Will the humans ever return to their world?What are the chances for Nora and other victims?Let's find out.


Ruin's Legacy: Reaper's Hollow Book 3

68·ID Johnson

The time has come, and Ru must fulfill her destiny.Now that Ru Roberts has come to accept that she’s a Keeper, a half-angel charged with sending Grim Reapers back to Hell, she’s been charged with a difficult task: close the remaining three portals to Hell, trapping the Reapers on Earth where they can be destroyed.But first, she has to find the portals. And then—she’ll have to actually close them, a task that takes incredible power, and she has no idea if she’s up to the challenge.Not only is Ruin uncertain how to locate the portals, she also knows she must defeat Thanatos, the most powerful Reaper of all. When he tells her he also has a mission—and that involves killing her—Ru’s task becomes even more complicated. She knows the son of Azrael, the demon who commands all the Reapers, will stop at nothing when it comes to hunting her down and putting an end to Ru’s undertaking—and her life.Will Ru locate the portals and close them before Thanatos finds her?Ruin’s Legacy is the final installment of the Reaper’s Hollow three book series. Please read books 1 and 2 first, Ruin's Lot and Ruin's Promise.


Ruin's Promise: Reaper's Hollow Book 2

86·ID Johnson

To prove herself to the other Keepers, Ru must close three portals to Hell….Ruin Roberts is just coming to grips with the idea that she is actually a Keeper, a half-angel charged with keeping Grim Reapers from claiming unmarked souls, when she is tasked with closing the remaining portals to Hell. She’s made a promise to her friend Cutter that she’ll complete her mission, no matter the cost.Luckily, she has a team of experienced Keepers to help her. If she can find her missing mother, who may hold the map to the portals, in time, Ru may be able to complete her task before Thanatos hunts her down.Will Ru find her mom and the portals before Thanatos finds her, or will Ru lose everything to the half-demons stalking the citizens of Reaper’s Hollow?This is book 2 in the Reaper's Hollow series. Please read Ruin's Lot: Reaper's Hollow Book 1 before you read Ruin's Promise.


The Paranormal All-Stars Presents

83·Mab De Narra

Around the mid-2010's, Mab De Narra created a social media group that was meant to be a place where people can share their personal paranormal and supernatural experiences without the fear of being judged by others. They could even find others who can help them with their paranormal questions, spiritual issues, and supernatural problems on this page.Meanwhile, she was eventually included in The Paranormal All-Stars, where she is able to help even more puzzled and troubled individuals. And by sharing these cases and experiences through this book, we hope to help more to not fear what they don’t know......but to see beyond what their senses tell them.After all, there’s always more to these things than meets the eye.


Warrior of the Way: Summerlands (Book 4)

488·Robbie Cox

There's a place we all go when we die. It's peaceful. Calm. A place to reunite with your loved ones. Furthermore, the weather is perfect, like a perpetual spring. Hate does not exist here, nor crime, or even death. The residents of the Summerlands only experience joy while awaiting the rebirth into their next life, their next journey. The Summerlands are a place of rejuvenation and relaxation. Rest for the soul awaiting a new body.Until the original demons break out of the Nether and enter the Summerlands.Rhychard Bartlett, Warrior of the Way, faces his greatest battle as Baltabek, the first demon cast into the Nether, manipulates the Cauldron Coven's Recapturing Ceremony to bring his demons to the Land Above. To kill the demons and save his world, Rhychard may have to kill the witches.However, Tansy Paxton, leader of the Cauldron Coven, doesn't care for that option too much.Friends will turn against friends as they all strive to protect what's important to them.


The Cauldron Coven: Daughters of Darkness (Book 2)

213·Robbie Cox

Darkness sweeps Harbor City as someone siphons magic from the Earth element.Kayla Lewell lost everything, her best friend, her feeling of safety, her coven. She blames herself, the Warrior of the Way, and the Cauldron Coven. Unable to handle her grief, Kayla turned her back on everyone and walked away, ready to give up on magic altogether. That is, until she meets the Daughters of Darkness. Now, in the hopes of finding herself, she may very well lose her soul.Selina Devayne watched as Cherise summoned an entity she couldn’t control. The sad part was how Selina brought victims to the High Priestess of the Daughters of Darkness to feed the shadow that swallowed the woods behind Cherise’s house. However, just before Cherise can perform the Coven Initiation, locking Kayla and the others to her coven, Selina discovers that the woman’s revenge is aimed at the wrong killer. But is it too late to put a halt to the destruction of Harbor City and save Kayla and the other witches of the Daughters of Darkness?


The Cauldron Coven: Chaos Magicians (Book 3)

190·Robbie Cox

First there was Chaos….Long before the earth was born, before the world of faerie, before even Light and Day, Chaos ruled over the formless confusion of unbroken darkness. From its bosom two children were born, Night and Erebus, and Night drew followers to its parent Chaos once the world was bornHarbor City suffers from magic that is throwing everything in the town into confusion as a new set of magicians seek to bring followers to their god, Chaos. The Cauldron Coven once again rises to stand in the gap; that is, until the community is thrown into a black emptiness, swallowed by a night that seems endless.


Destined Mates: Magic's Mate (Book 1)

211·Robbie Cox

She lost her magic. He’s about to lose his town. Only together can they protect their future.Faced with betrayal, Adira Brennan lashed out in anger, and it shattered her magic. Now, she’s being sent to Bull Creek to assist the alpha in protecting the haven’s residents. However, the alpha of the town thinks she needs protecting the most. She’ll prove to him she’s not some weak female who runs at the first sign of trouble. But, without her magic, what good is she?For a year, Dimitri Everest had been fighting the ambitions of the alpha of the coyote pack who has been hellbent on chasing humans out of Bull Creek. The Paranormal Council promised to send help, but the witch they sent could barely cast a spell. Suddenly, she is the main one he wants to protect, and his panther is in full agreement.Magic’s Mate is a steamy paranormal romance full of action, strong women, and alpha men, that will keep you turning the pages to see if Adira and Dimitri can save Bull Creek and return Adira’s magic to her. Along the way, they may even find something else; they may find their Destined Mate.


Destined Mates: Mate's Appeal (Book 2)

95·Robbie Cox

She needed to escape an abusive past. He needed to escape a fatal mistake. Thrown together, will they be able to find the healing they need?Having moved to Bull Creek to hide from an abusive ex-boyfriend, Eve Hartlow is now content with the quiet life she etched out for herself. A human among paranormals, she keeps a knife at her waist, not for protection against her supernatural neighbors, but against her devastating past.Arlin Landry made a fatal mistake in Draven Falls one night at Shades, a mistake that cost a man is his life. Now, forced to leave town until the heat dies down, he visits his brother in Bull Creek, a brother who just so happens to be somewhere else. Arlin’s content to kick back and relax in the quiet setting, putting his action back home out of his mind. That is, until he sees his destined mate.When Eve's past finds her, it threatens to finish what was started, and Arlin's tiger won't permit him to look away. Will he make the same mistake he made in Draven Falls? Can Eve escape her past?


Destined Mates: Mate's Touch (Book 3)

92·Robbie Cox

Lainie Everest left her home in Draven Falls to avoid the mating her parents chose for her. Now, making a new life for herself as a deputy in Bull Creek, she’s quite happy solving crime and hanging out with her friends as she helps her brother, Dimitri, protect the people of Bull Creek.Rance Culpepper likes his life as a detective for the Pensacola District Attorney's Office, adventure, travel, and one-night stands aplenty. That is, until the death of a witness he was tracking takes him to a small township called Bull Creek where he meets a sassy deputy who wants him to mind his own business. He’d be happy to do that, if she would just keep her nose out of his case.However, Lainie’s panther and Rance’s Wolf have other plans.