The Accursed Lord

16.0K·Edward London

Five years ago, before he was forced to joined the army, they had the sweetest night and made the most solemn vow in their youthful life. Yet, when he finally returned from the most deadly battlefields, that sweet girl in his dream had become his stepmother... What had happened...


Supreme Mars

721.0K·John Palmer

Five years ago, his fiancee framed him. At the dege of danger, she defied death to save him, Five years later, his wealth overwhelm everyone else in the world. After fighting for so many years in war, he came back to repay her kindness and found she had given birth their daughter. He owed her so much a lot that he decided to repay her with his lifelong protection for her and their daughter.


behind the faces


Anaya is a beautiful girl daughter of a rich woman but she had never met her mother because of her accidental death Anaya is two years old when she die Amaya's father loves so much make her stepmother and stepsister jelouse and hatred of her she is the only hires of all the business she had a fiance name Rocky ,Anaya love him Soo much but he is not interested in her ..........................


The Third Sparda

318·Apollyon Shirayuki

Mundus, The Demon Emperor has returned to the Human World to get his revenge against Dante and Vergil


Me in a gang? No, I'm in a family


Contains strong language ~ My parents left me they died in a shooting. My brother ....I have no idea where he is, and my sister? She died in a 'shooting' a couple of years ago. I was part of an assassin group well i was there for a while, until something happened and I had to leave. how did I end up in a gang? this is the story.


Taken By the Dark


Marriah Roberts feels like she's living someone else's life and fulfilling someone else's dreams. Her life has always been pre-planned and predictable. She, quite literally, bumps into Will Grayson. It turns out that he's being hunt down by the country's most dangerous criminal gang. Marriah tries to help him but she ends up being kidnapped with him.Will Grayson has a few skeletons locked up in his closet. His harsh past has forced him to stop trusting people. He doesn't let anyone in, until he meets Marriah.Will isn't the perfect man everyone thinks he is. He's done things which he's not proud of. Things which make him dangerous. But when he and Marriah are thrown together into a dangerous new world he is forced to look at life with a new perspective. Spending time with the fiery but naive Marriah Roberts awakens his conscience, which he thought was long gone.Trying to escape the evil clutches of the dangerous criminal Dominic Black, the two make an unusual team and develop an unbreakable bond. Marriah soon finds out the true meaning of friendship and trust.She discovers that someone in her life has been hiding a deep dark secret all along. Someone she's come to care for deeply.Can she save herself without losing everything?


Password Incorrect

1.0K·Kathleen Leskey

I can't keep the smile off my face as I take my seat on the plane. I slide my bag under the seat and lean back. I close my eyes and let a blissful smile grace my face.He said I wouldn't be able to run. As if.I'm vaguely aware of someone taking the seat next to mine, but I pay no attention to said person."So where we headed?"I choke on my own spit as my eyes fly open and whirl around to face the owner of the familiar voice.His eyes are hidden behind those damn sunglasses and a rather smug smile graces his face.I continue choking and he does nothing other than flip through a magazine. That smug smile never leaving his face."You still haven't answered the question.""To hell." I finally manage to choke out."Awesome," He flips a page in the magazine, "It's about time I returned home. You know, bodies to burn, lost souls to torture, I've missed it. It'll be fun."***Nicolette Moore. A name law enforcement agencies across the world know. Though no one's ever seen the face of the world's greatest thief and hacker, everyone knows who she is by name.Nicky. She's an absolute genius. Once upon a time she wasn't the best person in the world. When her family was struggling she made some bad choices to help them through it, but when she tried to get out she got pulled in deeper.Ryder Stevenson. He's the son of the director of the FBI, and an FBI Agent himself. He's the one who brings in Nicky to get her protection from the people chasing after her. He's also the one, who gets assigned to protect her.Neither one of them like each other, and they can't go five minutes without getting in a full blown argument. She's constantly ditching him only for him to show up later and prove to her he's not that easy to get rid of. They're stuck with each other whether they like it or not.But he doesn't know who she really is. What will he do when he finds out?An FBI Agent protecting THE Hacker. The one the FBI have been after for years...this just screams chaos.


Agent 1 (Book 3)

419·Kathleen Leskey

"What makes you think we can trust this Agent 1 guy?""I-uh, I knew him before he was an agent...he's an extent.""And I already told you I corrupted him. It's all good.""We're all going to die."***Devin's hurt.Jason's missing.Lily's alive.The team finally has what they need to take down Garrett...but now they're short one agent. Lily can fill in for Jason but they still can't count on Devin till he's completely healed.So they decide to rely on a new ally...or maybe just an old enemy.When they need help who better to turn to than a new agent? As Lily's pointed out before, new agents are always easy to corrupt...But Agent 1 never really needed to be corrupted to begin with...this isn't going to end well.***Book 3***


Agent 57 (Book 2)

1.0K·Kathleen Leskey

"She was my best friend. Someone I trusted far more than anyone else.""What was she like?""She was worse than Devin if you can believe that."***When the team goes on the hunt for Agent 77, aka Garrett, they discover some key information in finding him...Only one problem, the last person who had it was Agent 57. While they retrace her last steps, they run into Elaine, a civilian who gets caught in the crossfire. When they are put in charge of protecting her till the mission's over, they learn exactly how much Thirteen hates other girls.But when Elaine starts getting closer and closer to Cody, Thirteen begins to revert back to her cold self. While Chase and Devin blame it on jealousy, Jason tries to look at it more closely, coming to the conclusion that while Thirteen seems to not be able to stand this Elaine girl, there is something more to it that's fueling her anger.While Thirteen struggles to prove that there's more to Elaine than they can see, she gets a blast from the past. Thirteen's a closed off and secretive person, so how will the team react when they find out exactly how open she can be around the right people? And what will they do when they have some questions that only she can answer?Thirteen's always known more about the case than she's let on. But when she refuses to answer their questions they need find someone who can.Unfortunately the only other person with answers, is Garrett...***Book 2***


Agent 13 (Book 1)

3.0K·Kathleen Leskey

"With all due respect sir, adding a new member to this team will only slow us down.""On the contrary, if anything your team will slow her down."***She's the ghost story you tell around a campfire. The monster that hides in your closet. The nightmare that wakes you from your sleep. She's the definition of the word 'deadly'. She never smiles, never shows any emotion other than a blank stare. Unless, she's pissed, then it shows. She doesn't trust any of the other agents, only the chief. She doesn't play nice with others. She's a solo agent, always works alone, but that's about to change. Respect her and she'll take a bullet for you. Mistreat her and she'll put a bullet in you...if you're lucky. She's Agent 13...***Book 1***




where oliver finely is a struggling music artist and samuel adler is a cocky, successful and a sexually frustrated producer




Tailing and nailing the biggest drug cartel, the Miami Police detectives have no choice but to go out of the box for an operation. A newbie who is in love with one of her cop members has passed through adventures which twist everything, a police detective becomes a whore on a quest to fulfil her mission, but what would you have done if you were in her shoe? With a lot of twist and difficulties, will the police detectives succeed?


The Nerds Mystery


There are three teen young ladies who lives without help from anyone else because of a tragic incident that happened due to an underground association's doings. They are Ethelene Anarghya Regio , Sophie Jawaheria Carson and Hyllee Selena Yrgos; they met as a result of an episode that they saw together, since the time that day they began to meet until they turned out to be near one another. They made a mystery bunch in UGO (Underground Organization) and got one of the best and most invulnerable gathering in any event, being mysterious. In any case, they don't realize that every one of them have some unique plan and mystery yet has a similar reason which is to look for equity, answer and harmony. In addition, UGO bunches have a similar mission which is to search for the missing eminences, the rulers' beneficiary. As time passes by various individuals had been experience by the three women some are adversaries, some turned out to be essential for their lives and some are the keys to their central goal. Besides, they chose to shrouded themselves and mask as a NERDS. They are known nerds inside their college yet a destructive women that could end you in a second inside the UGO's landmark. In the end their hunger to win their battle succeed.


Little Miss Gang Leader

95·S.R. Fizz

Anyone in my position would think I was crazy for complaining about my life. In reality, I may be but no one will really understand unless they go through the same thing. Ashley Brooks was the name I was given by my father who's the leader of one of the most feared gangs. Life as the daughter of a gang leader may not be as exciting as it sounds.What happens when the past comes haunting?


Dragon Moon

306·ID Johnson

Find the jewel, save the kingdom--and the dragons.Princess Nya Gould fears the Dragon Moon, the night each year when one young person in their kingdom is sacrificed to a dragon to keep him from destroying their lands. When it is her friend who is taken, she creates a plan to get him back.But when Nya discovers the dragon isn't feasting on the sacrifices and is actually using them to retrieve a missing jewel, one that can save his kind and restore his kingdom, she is torn between helping him and using this knowledge to the advantage of her own kingdom.It doesn't make things easier when she finds herself attracted to the dragon shifter when he's in his human form. Slate is a sexy beast of a man, with dark smoldering eyes and rippling muscles. Can he see her as anything more than the annoying, spoiled human princess who has infiltrated his lair?As Nya and Slate work together to find the jewel, their relationship grows, and Nya is left with a choice:Find the jewel and save the kingdom--or the dragon?


Rain's Run: The Motherhood Book 2

203·ID Johnson

Rain is a wanted woman, and it’s apparent the Mothers will stop at nothing to track her down.Escaping her home country wasn’t easy. Even though Rain and her friends have reached temporary safety, they are a long way from the Nation of Quebec. Recovering from a gunshot wound and tired from days of running, Rain would like nothing more than to stay hidden in the mountains with the family that’s taken them in.But that’s not an option. Rain’s presence has put these peaceful people’s lives in jeopardy, and when a tracker is accidentally tripped, it’s clear she has no choice but to start running all over again.This time, when she sets out, her party won’t be the same. One of her companions will be replaced by a handsome stranger, a man who not only promises to keep Rain safe, he has her questioning her feelings for Adam. Does she really love Adam or is it all infatuation with the only man she’s ever really known?Rain’s still a long way from safety, with Mother White and the others breathing down her neck. There’s no guarantee the government she’s so desperately trying to reach will even help, but she has to try. The men of her homeland’s lives certainly depend upon it—and maybe the lives of her generation of women do, too, because rebellions are like a smoldering ember—they’re catching.Continue Rain’s journey in this thrilling dystopian romance!




Every year once a child turns 14, a special exam is conducted all over the country. No one knows why the exam is written or the purpose of the exam because there are no results and most of the questions pertain to one's view of life and mentality of a few things. No one knows that, this exam is actually the entrance exam to becoming a member of the Nigerian Secret Teenage Spies. [ N. S. T. S.]. An organization located several kilometers below an expensive boutique in the middle of town. N. S. T. S is an extremely secretive organization has only few people knows its existence. Even the President doesn't know that there are shadows protecting him and the country. Neither would he think or believe that these shadows are teenagers between the ages of 14-18 years. 15-year old Adekola Feranmi walks into her home two days after writing her exam only to find two men in black suits and sun glasses talking to her parents. There's also a strikingly handsome teen seated beside them. When Feranmi realizes she has been chosen to become a member of the N. S. T. S., she decides to give it her all. The new things she has to learn is very exciting for Feranmi. She even learns how to use a real gun! Feranmi must train hard and rise up in the ranks. She must learn how to and protect her country, her family and her loved ones.




Do you believe in destiny,fate, coincidence and stuff like that?Gravity didn't either.She was just a simple girl,surrounded by her books and art but her life takes a drastic turn when her father died and her mother is sent to prison for his murder.with no other family to turn to,Gravity ends up in an orphanage.Then....she gets a mysterious clue from an even more mysterious boy hinting that her mother has escaped from prison. so she makes a plan, a plan to escape this orphanage and find her mother before the police can.Can she do it?will she make it?with the help of a certain boy maybe?She will soon learn that life takes it's own turns and makes it's own demands.After all, coincidence is just a messenger sent by the truth. demands. demands.




He had just gotten his tattoo and begun his walk back home, then he was held at gunpoint. That night he met a man who claimed to be a friend of his father, who introduced him to his world of guns, blood and violence. Takashi has to overcome all that and stay alive to get his revenge. But who can he really trust?


Obsessed with his Past

2.0K·Tessy Chris

Jordan Duru a man of 29 years, tall, handsome and from an influencial family who also is a detective lost his love a few years ago and was left with the responsibility of his only child, a daughter. He swore to find his wife's killer, but refused to fall in love again. He just couldn't love another woman. His emotions and desire for women died the day he lost his wife and when she was buried, it was buried along with her. But he got another chance to love, but he wouldn't, he shy away from it, the fear of loving and loosing his love again wouldn't let him accept or better still recognized love as it stared at him. What will happen, will Jordan be able to keep his heart locked forever? Tina Smith a young lady of 23 years and a detective working with Jordan has a crush on him but the later refused to recognize it. It became a one sided love... Will Jordan and Tina be able to find soulmate in each other?