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39.0K·Nia Shan

**A BDSM ROMANCE**..... CHRISTINA HASE... Age: 20 years... Occupation: Interior designer for one of the top design companies in California....Hobbies:Desiging, Dancing and Dominating men. . . . . .... JOHNATTAN BLAKE.. Age:24 years....Occupation: CEO of Blake's Architecture, the richest architectural firm in New York.....Hobbies: Bike riding, Hiking and Dominating women.. . . . ... The similarity between them? Yeah, they're both Dominants..... What do you think will happen when they both strike deal?.. Give in to the physical temptation and give each other control over their sexual pleasuring?... Overtime they find themselves becoming engrossed with each other, feeling this agreement more than they should..... This is the battle of the sexes, a battle of dominance and there's only one thing to say: MAY THE BEST PLAYER WIN.



17.0K·Nia Shan

Christina has knew the dangers of striking a deal with a fellow dominant.She knew it would open scars she tried to close but her body deceived her... Or was it her heart?Running away was a cowardly move but what could she do when all those scars ripped her open and showed her weakness.She now hides herself from their eyes trying to seal the scars but finds that hard to do. Johnattan Blake her Dominant/Submissive won't leave her alone. She tries topush him away but finds it hard to do. He got attached, broke her #1 rule and now he's not going anywhere. He submits to herbut will she submit to him?Christina has her strong will but will she finally cave in? Or are her scars too deep?


Why Did She


" Varun what are you thinking baby " asked his girlfriend Laasya seductively"nothing just wondering that how and why my stupid wife opps ex-wife gave me divorce suddenly, although I am too happy but curious to know her reason because know what I tortured her a lot so that she gave me divorce but she didn't and endure all the torture ..." said Varun annoyingly " why are you thinking this shit now and stop talking about her I really don't like her're a free man now which you wanted so, be happy and let's celebrate it baby " said Laasya to Varun and pushed him on the couch and started to open his shirt's button this story is about a man who first don't wants to get married but he did atlast ,then he wants divorce and he got it but now he want to know that why his wife gave him divorce if you want to know why! than join the journey ?mature contents ?abusive language


Buying The Virgin Part 1-3

307.0K·Simone Leigh

She auctioned her own virginity. The penniless Charlotte dreams of a bright future, but she has nothing to sell but herself and her virginity. She chooses to auction both to the highest bidder. This is the first episode in a steamy bdsm, menage erotica tale of a virgin and her first time with a mature alpha male billionaire, his friend...... and others. Readers of this story will read of a young woman with her Master as he leads her along an erotic trail of adventure and excitement through bdsm, menage and voyeurism. Adult content. For mature readers only. Part 1: The Girl Who Sold Herself Part 2: The Girl Who Came Back Part 3: The Girl Who Was Hunted


My Boyfriend's Father

54.0K·Avery Rowan

She's tired of her boyfriend's plans. He can't take his eyes off his son's girlfriend. They both know there's a line they shouldn't cross, but will temptation be too much?Valerie Montgomery has just finished college and isn't ready for real life to start yet. However, her boyfriend, Justin, has plans and goals as well as a dozen lists showing them how to get there. Everything he does is structured, including sex. Valerie thinks that's all there is. And then she meets Justin's father.Richard Pressman knows it's wrong. She's his son's girlfriend after all. She's off-limits. But God, she's so gorgeous and makes him feel young again. Will this be a line he can keep himself from crossing?


His Purchased Wife

91.0K·Elk Entertainment

You may kiss the bride," the priest announced and my body shuddered in resistance as the words I told him two days ago rang in my ears. I won't even spit on your face let alone marry you, Liam Knight. His eyes were shining in triumph, clearly stating that once again he won. He smirked cruelly, taunting me without words how he forced me to do exactly what I said I would never do even if he begged me. He didn't beg, on the contrary, he forced me to marry him. He took a step forward, raised my chin, I fisted my hand tightly at the sides when he placed his unworthy lips on mine. Disgusted with his touch but I tolerated it for the sake of my father who was at his mercy at this moment. He pulled away from my lips with the same rule smile intact on his face, "I made you mine, Babygirl and I can't wait for us to be alone!" He said darkly. My breath hitched looking at the darkness in his eyes. If I would have been the old Aurora I would be scared but not anymore. I might have bowed down my pride for my father but if he was looking for a submissive wife, he sure was not going to get one! Sequel to this book "Love Wins Over Lust" is now availble on Hinovel!


Barren Mother Give Birth To Sextuplets To The Hot CEO

310.0K·Author Feathers

Amy didn't expect that her husband whom she had loved and trusted earnestly for many years would be cheating on her by having sex with his secretary. When she confronted him, he and his secretary mocked and ridiculed her, they called her barren to her face, after all, she had not conceived for the past three years that she had been married to her husband, Callan. Terribly Heartbroken, she filed for divorce and went to the club. She picked a random gigolo, had a hot one-night stand with him, paid him, and disappeared to a small city. She came back to the country six years later with three identical cute boys and three identical cute girls of the same age. She settled and got a job but soon found out that her CEO was the gigolo she had sex with six years back at the club. Will she be able to hide her six little cuties from her CEO, who happens to be the most powerful man in NorthHill and believed to be infertile? Can Amy and the most powerful man in NorthHill get along considering the social gap between them?


The Sex Doctor (His Submissive)


//DARK ROMANCE// WARNING! THIS BOOK CONTAINS STEAMY SCENE IN EVERY CHAPTER. IF YOU ARE BELOW 18+ AND YOU FEEL INSECURE ABOUT READING EROTIC BOOK, PLEASE DON'T READ. IT CONTAINS HIGH SEXUAL CONTENT!!!...THOSE WHO WISH TO CONTINUE, PLEASE DO BECAUSE YOU WILL REALLY ENJOY IT, IT'S WORTH IT!!!…. (18+) "Please touch me doctor, please touch me down there doctor it hurts so baaaaaad.....". Ann begged, she tried touching her cunt but the handcuff around her wrist were depriving her. Marcus smirked, he strode to the bed where she was position at the edge of the bed and crotched down. His face, facing her swollon pussy as he maintain direct eye contact with her drippy wet entrance. "Ahhhh... doctor touch me...touch me please.... ". Ann begged as she felt his hot breath fanning her cunt. Her breath quickened and her nipple hardened in reaction. She was sexually aroused that she craved for his fingers to touch her. "Are you sure you want me to touch you?". Marcus asked in a raspy voice. It made a shiver ran down her spine. She arched her back and tightly closed her eyes. "Touch me please...touch me...I want your fingers in my fucking hoe, I want you to fuck me with those thick fingers of yours, I want you to suck me dry till I scream your name". Ann screamed aloud in a shakery voice. Her legs were trembling as she craved for him to unleash his finger into her cunt. "You asked for this". Marcus said as he slides his two fingers into his mouth, absorbing it with his saliva before bringing it out. Using his two fingers, he thwack her cunt and it made a sloshing sound as her juice leaked out of her entrance . Ann screamed as she curled her toes with her eyes closed, she tried stretching her hands to touch him but the handcuff were depriving her. "Please doctor, please fuck me". Ann begged with tears trickling out from the side of her eyes. He didn't moved his hands, he left it on her cunt. He pressed his finger in her cunt and her juice squirt out of her entrance. Ann clenched her hands into a fist as she moan louder while opening her mouth wide open and began gasping for air. THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING OF THE "SEX DOCTOR(HIS SUBMISSIVE)18+" FLASHBACK OF HOW IT STARTED. INTRODUCTION; I am Ann hamburger. A sex maniac. I mean, I love having sex. And I am a fan of one night stands. My parents and ex boyfriend thinks I am cursed but my body is just highly sensitive. It was all fun to me but I got to thinking that, they might be right. So my best friend, Silver, introduced someone to me—A sex doctor . Marcus Morris. She says he is my last hope. My question is, am I really cursed? Can a sex doctor help me stop being a sex maniac? Well flip through this pages and read the story of my life. The shades of Ann...


Cold Nights, Hot Bodies - Sexy First Time Romance

6.0K·Lily Harlem

That special someone is always worth the wait! All my life I’ve been the quiet bookworm, the office mouse. It hasn’t bothered me. Immersing myself in erotic novels has kept me wriggling on the edge of my seat at work and firmly entrenched in my own fantasy world at night. Though one thing is bothering me—my damn virginity. If only I could find a sexy bedroom expert to introduce me to the delights of having a lover. Someone handsome and charming, who can rival the hunky alpha males in my books. I have a very vivid, very well-fed imagination—he’ll have to keep up. Then, one bitterly cold night, thanks to a devious, conniving, so-called friend, the perfect opportunity to rid myself of this pesky virginity problem comes along. Before I know it, the heroes in my novels have come alive in the person of Shane Galloway, who’s pleasuring me with every trick in the book and wheedling into my heart in the hottest ways possible.


Sex With the Virgin Maid

21.0K·Bommy AH

WARNING: THIS BOOK MAY CONTAIN STEAMY AND SEXUAL CONTENT WHICH IS STRICTLY NOT FOR KIDS UNDER 18 . "Bryce!". I screamed as I feel his huge cap nudge at the entrance of my womanhood. He groaned as he pressed in deeper before he slides into my wet entrance. My walls clenched around him while he stretched my inner muscles as he kept pushing deep inside me. "Please". I cried and placed the tip of my finger down at his waist in an effort to push myself away from him. "Please". I begged but he only retracted his hip and thrusted into me fully, deeper, stretching me wide enough to accommodate his full length. . He is the handsome, sexy and heartless devil. The sinner. She is the purest, innocent and beautiful angel. Two polar opposites, one single attraction. *** Having lived in the convent all her life, Hera Whitson manages to secure a job as a maid in the household of Bryce Donovan. The inhuman sex god that has the entire female population at his feet. He lives for sex; he celebrates and relish the electricity of it with every fiber of his being and sees no better reason for being alive. One look at Hera and Bryce is smitten. She is like an addictive drug, a moth to a flame and he will do anything to get burned by her. Relinquished by her heat. What happens when Hera finds herself battling against her principles and sexual attraction for Bryce? Will she be caught in the web of Bryce's twisted game of lust?


City of Desire

49.0K·classic writer

The sexiest and most steamy erotica stories ever written and compiled in one collection! Full of insta-love and lust at it's finest, forbidden, naughty and so satisfying. Here is a compilation of erotic, steamy sex romantic stories that you will love. You can be sure of getting the best collection here, which includes everything from horny nuns to cheating husbands, lying priests to dirty fathers and stepfathers, professors to stepbrothers, threesomes with strangers to family orgies, and even dirty priests. The very idea makes your mouth water, and that delicious feeling jolts down between your legs. These stories feature all the lusty, explicit action you could ever hope for... Drop your reviews, and share... **********************************


Sex Tales

16.0K·Erotic Writer

This is a compilation of the best erotic stories you have ever seen driven by pure lust. It involves sex between couples and even families. It's ranging from erotica to bdsm and all more sex drama you have ever dreamt to experience or read about. Delve in a world filled with the most mouth watering tales you've ever read. Note: This is rated 18+ so if you're younger than 18 or you don't like sex stories, then this novel is not for you.


BDSM Play with My CEO


Zoey Afar has had a long-held affection for her boss. However, she was unwilling to confess this since, first and foremost, they were different in level of life. The second reason she feels "abnormal" is that even a light touch from her stimulates her desire. She has obsessive sexual behavior, sometimes known as hypersexuality condition or sexual addiction. Things become worse when the hot CEO makes her personal BDSM partner.


Lustful Affairs

47.0K·Erotic Writer

The following consists of short steamy stories. If you're offended by sex stories, then this one isn't for you. PS: It's rated 18+


Wild Epic Sexcapades

110.0K·F. Prince

WARNING: This Book Contains Explicit scenes And Adult Languages. Do you like reading steamy, naughty, dirty, and filthy romances?? If your answer is yes, get ready for the ultimate erotic excitement that will get your blood pumping and your ovaries twitching. This novel is a collection of short erotic stories. It contains all manner of sexual explicit including friends with benefits StepSister And Brother, Stepdaddy, Office, Stepmother, Lesbian, Teacher and student, Doctor and patient, domination Etc. If you are under 18yrs, this book is not for you.


Sex with My Mafia Stepbrother


The tiny sound. That low vibrating sound!    I kept hoping Luciano would walk out now instead of looking around like he is trying to get something right. It better not be that he is listening to the noise.      I bit my lower lips to subdue the shameless moan about escaping. My breath became uneven as I tried to slowly lower my left hand into the duvet but it wasn't working, that hot asshole had his gaze fixed on me.     His lips curved into a sly smirk as he shrugged, moved his hair behind his ears and walked away.     "I don't want to know what the heck you were doing, Tiff, next time, just lock the goddam doooooor!". ****************** It was supposed to be a normal siblings bond. Doing the forbidden wasn't part of the idea but Tiffany had other plans. Especially when all she wanted was get fvcked by her hot step brother.


Lust For Life

3.0K·Erotic Writer

Lust for life is a book comprising of all lustful scenes you could ever imagine. Ranging from one night stands to threesomes between couples, friends and even enemies. Thus book is rated 18+


Love's Dilemma: The Ruthless Billionaire

759·Elizabeth J

*Mature Content* I felt his breath on my neck as he pinned me down. "Take off your clothes." He commanded as his eyes devoured every part of my body. I could read his mind, I know he couldn't stop picturing me naked, my legs parted open and him between them and giving me the best fuck of my life. I was afraid, my hands holding on tightly to my clothes as though my entire life depended on it. "I….I …. can't." I whispered sheepishly, avoiding all possible eye contact with him. "Are you trying to tell me you're a virgin?" He scoffed, trailing a kiss down my spine and I shivered to his gentle touch." "Are you?" He pulled me to his body in a fleet,and raised his brows, His stare, intense while he teased me. I was embarrassed. My hands were already at the hem of my dress as I was ready to obey my master's orders. ****************************** Love at first sight isn't always what it seems as Charles falls for an ordinary girl. He finally finds love after all these years and would do anything to have her all to himself. Things take a drastic turn when he discovers that she's one of those who seek his downfall. He comes up with a plan, a scheme to kill two birds with one stone. A plan to have both what he wants. One wants the heart, while the other wants revenge. Will love prevail? Or will hatred win?


The teacher and the demonic nymphet

344·Sol Rodrigues

Continuation of the book: The teacher and the demonic nymphet. With Celine's bad temper and Kyle's cafajeste spirit, of course it would be shit, especially with the return of the professor to the university. It was to be expected that the most coveted teacher and the most chicken would be surrounded by women full of nostalgia and thirsty to be fucked by him, it turns out that now the teacher is committed to Celine, and they chose to leave the relationship anonymous, that is until the devil took over Celine's body and she freaked out over the harassment of the students and the freedom that Kyle continues to give them. But can you win a fight with someone who chose to be a lawyer as a profession? Will Kyle be able to remain faithful, as he is used to eating multiple women? A battle of egos will ensue, and Celine will show just how devilish she can be when she sees her dear teacher step out of line, driving him to complete madness.


Loving My Brother’s Best Friend


When he looked in through the window, he was astounded to see her topless and braless. She was standing with her back to him, eliciting wild desires in him. He took his handkerchief from his pocket and crept into her room. He blindfolded her with his hankie before dragging her towards the bed. Her heartbeat accelerated. She could feel that he was her man. She asked, "is it you, baby?" He pushed her onto the bed and gazed at her perfect slender body with profound desires in his eyes. He hovered her and tied her wrists with his tie to the headboard. *** She could never stop her heart from beating for him since the day she saw him despite knowing that he would never retaliate to her feelings as for him she was only his best friend's sister. She was so innocent and pure like holy water, and he was messed up and a monster whom anybody definitely wouldn't like to come across. She had never dated anyone in her entire life because, for her, the love of her life was everything. On the other hand, he never believed in all this. For him, "love" didn't exist; it was all about physical needs. His mere presence was enough to relieve her pain; he was like oxygen to her, while on the other hand, he didn't even acknowledge her presence. Her love was so pure and selfless that it could make anyone fall for it because it's not easy to love someone who is forbidden. But will he ever witness her love? Will he ever love her as purely as she loves him? Will her one-sided love ever be fulfilled? If you want to know, then follow the journey of a tempting biker and his secret admirer.